❶ Couperosis On The Face / Occurrence, Treatment, Prevention, Expert Advice

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❶ Couperosis On The Face / Occurrence, Treatment, Prevention, Expert Advice
❶ Couperosis On The Face / Occurrence, Treatment, Prevention, Expert Advice

Video: ❶ Couperosis On The Face / Occurrence, Treatment, Prevention, Expert Advice

Video: ❶ Couperosis On The Face / Occurrence, Treatment, Prevention, Expert Advice
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Couperose on the face
Couperose on the face

Couperose is a rather unpleasant skin disease, it gives women even less joy when they find couperosis on their face. What kind of ailment it is, how traditional medicine and modern cosmetology advises to treat rosacea, the women's magazine JustLady will tell. Location: Location:

Couperosis is a skin disease that manifests itself in vasodilation and the formation of vascular "asterisks". One or two small nodules may not be too noticeable, but sometimes a small number of rather large formations can greatly spoil the appearance.

A vascular mesh can appear on the body, in the décolleté area, but the most unpleasant thing, of course, is rosacea on the face. It arises due to many factors.

The risk group primarily includes those who have sensitive thin skin, easily wounded and reddening. Indeed, in fact, rosacea is a disease arising from circulatory disorders.

At first, sensitive skin turns red and itches at the slightest irritation (cold, hot water, mechanical action), then the vessels expand more and more, lose elasticity, the skin remains red constant. In addition to this, we see dark nodules - vascular "stars".

However, rosacea on the face is a consequence of not only direct effects on the skin, but also on the entire vascular system. Very hot food, a lot of spicy and salty food, bad habits (alcohol, tobacco), as well as such a pleasant procedure as a bath, all this significantly worsens the picture of the disease.

To the harmful factors, we also add scrubs, alcohol lotions, massages, hard towels and sponges for washing.

So, if you find a vascular network on your face, the first thing you should do is to revise your cosmetics, purchase a special cream for rosacea, review your diet and habits.

Couperosis treatment

Unfortunately, rosacea is a very stubborn disease and it will take long and expensive treatment. In addition, maintaining the normal condition of the skin after treatment will require considerable effort. No matter how hard you try, couperosis on your face is likely to reappear since you have such skin, but when it happens and how difficult it will be to get rid of it again depends largely on your desire and patience.

Clinics and cosmetic centers offer special treatments for the treatment of rosacea. It can be a laser, electrocoagulation, skin rejuvenation procedures, phototherapy, ozone injections, lymphatic drainage, etc.

In each case, only a doctor can competently choose the methods and treatment program. He will perform the necessary tests, examine the skin and prescribe therapy. After all, many of these procedures are far from harmless and not all skin will react to them normally.

It is also recommended to visit a dermatologist. He may order additional tests, as well as prescribe medications for oral administration. After all, rosacea on the face, as already mentioned, indicate general problems with blood vessels, which means that external procedures will most likely not do.

A cream for rosacea will help to independently maintain the normal condition of the skin, as well as continue the treatment of rosacea at home. Such creams are produced by many cosmetic companies, whose products are sold only in pharmacies.

Good reviews are received by creams from rosacea firms "Aven", "Lierac", "Doctor Taffy". However, it must be remembered that such a means alone will not be possible.

Treatment of rosacea at home

Treatment of rosacea at home mainly boils down to proper skin care and the use of special products.

You need to wash your face only with warm water; you should never wipe your skin with ice.

Cleansing procedures, which are usually accompanied by steaming of the skin, are contraindicated for you. So leave them to the beauty salon specialists.

It is best to cleanse the skin in the morning and remove makeup in the evening with a special milk, and apply a regenerating cream at night.

Toners and milk should not contain alcohol, oils, and other irritating substances.

After washing your face, do not wipe your face with a towel, it is better to wait until the skin dries itself.

A good line of products, including also a night cream for rosacea, cleansing milk is produced by the KORFF company.

It is good to include the application of a nourishing cream for rosacea and special masks in your daily care. Such products gently care for the skin, create a protective layer and strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

Treatment of rosacea at home also involves taking vitamins. Experts advise to choose a complex that includes vitamins P, K and C.

It is recommended to purchase decorative cosmetics at a pharmacy. Special concealing pencils and foundation for rosacea will not harm the skin, protect it from exposure to sunlight and other harmful factors.

You also need to refrain from applying creams and concealers with sponges and brushes, so as not to injure the skin once again. All products are applied with fingertips, light movements.

Treatment of rosacea at home can also be supplemented with the use of folk remedies.

Couperose: treatment with folk remedies

To treat rosacea, traditional medicine offers chamomile infusion. To do this, take 3 tbsp. tablespoons of dry raw materials and brew with a glass of boiling water. When the mixture has cooled sufficiently, the raw materials are squeezed out, and lotions are made from the infusion, applying a moistened cloth for 10 minutes to the places of redness and spider veins.

Masks made from raw potatoes are also useful for rosacea. Rub the peeled potato on a fine grater and apply it on the face. After 10 minutes, the mask is removed with chamomile or calendula infusions.

Frost and winter wind have a bad effect on any skin, but they are especially harmful if couperosis is on the face. Treatment with folk remedies therefore also involves the application of a special mask before going outside.

For the mask, take a teaspoon of vegetable oil (peach, olive, grape seed, linseed) and mix thoroughly with 1 teaspoon of lanolin and a small amount of starch or talc. The mask is applied to the skin of the face and left for 10-15 minutes, then gently washed off with warm water or chamomile decoction.

To eliminate rosacea, traditional medicine also suggests preparing a medicinal tonic that can be used to wash your face in the morning and evening.

To do this, take 2 tbsp. spoons of chamomile and brew in 0.5 liters of water. Then 2 tablets of ascorutin are thoroughly crushed and the powder is added to the cooled infusion. Mix everything well.

In conclusion, I would like to remind you that rosacea is still more of a disease than just a cosmetic defect, therefore, its treatment must be approached responsibly. Do not be lazy to consult a doctor about salon procedures, cream for rosacea, clarify how best to treat rosacea at home.

I would especially like to say about the traditional methods of treating rosacea. In some articles, you can find a mention that traditional medicine offers to treat rosacea using ice from a decoction of medicinal herbs or a mask made from fresh fruits and berries. However, experts generally do not advise doing this, since ice has a bad effect on vessels that have already lost their elasticity, and fruit acid irritates the skin.

Only a doctor will determine what condition your skin is in and what methods of treating rosacea with folk remedies are best for you.

Alexandra Panyutina

Women's magazine JustLady

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