❶ Facelift At Home / Oval Of The Face, Chin, Without Surgery, Folk Remedy, Bags Under The Eyes, At The Age Of 25

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❶ Facelift At Home / Oval Of The Face, Chin, Without Surgery, Folk Remedy, Bags Under The Eyes, At The Age Of 25
❶ Facelift At Home / Oval Of The Face, Chin, Without Surgery, Folk Remedy, Bags Under The Eyes, At The Age Of 25

Video: ❶ Facelift At Home / Oval Of The Face, Chin, Without Surgery, Folk Remedy, Bags Under The Eyes, At The Age Of 25

Video: ❶ Facelift At Home / Oval Of The Face, Chin, Without Surgery, Folk Remedy, Bags Under The Eyes, At The Age Of 25
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Facelift at home
Facelift at home

Nobody canceled the law of gravity, and it is important not only for physicists, but also for cosmetologists. Indeed, under the influence of gravity, with a gradual weakening of the muscles, the oval of the face loses its clarity, bags under the eyes, a double chin and some other signs of skin aging appear. But for some reason it is customary to first of all fight not with these phenomena, but exclusively with wrinkles. Of course, the fight against wrinkles is justified, but skin tightening should be given no less attention. In this case, it is better not only to enlist the support of cosmetologists, but also to do lifting procedures yourself. After all, a facelift at home can also be effective if you use effective methods. The women's magazine JustLady will tell you which methods of facelift at home are the most effective. Location:Location:

Before you get acquainted with the basic means for a facelift at home, you need to study the basic prohibitions, violation of which can aggravate the situation with sagging skin and, accordingly, with the formation of wrinkles and folds.

First of all, pay attention to how you sleep. Try to fall asleep on your back without causing the skin to stretch when in contact with the pillow. After all, each of us knows perfectly well that just touching the pillow does not end it, and this is often said about "dents" on the skin, formed after a sound sleep "with a face in the pillow."

Also, watch out for touching your skin. Once again, it's better not to touch your face at all. Firstly, hands are far from always clean, and secondly, leaning on the hand or simply touching the face with a little effort, we stretch the skin, and thereby accelerate the process of losing the clarity of the face oval. The same goes for washing or removing makeup. Do this gently without stretching the skin (especially the skin around the eyes).

Now let's move on to the tools, the regular use of which will prove that a facelift at home is effective.

face lift
face lift

Cosmetics for a facelift at home

As a rule, cosmetic products for face lifting do not contain the word "lift" in the title. To designate this term, the English analogue is usually used - the word "lifting". Therefore, it is precisely the lifting agents that you need to pay attention to when choosing funds to combat skin aging at home.

Of course, the first remedy, the choice of which must be adapted to the goals set, is a face cream. In addition to ingredients that help smooth wrinkles, it should also contain those that provide noticeable skin tightening. Usually, collagen, seaweed, as well as all kinds of complexes, which are the author's developments of cosmetics manufacturers, are actively used in lifting creams.

When buying a lifting cream, please note that some products are designed to be immediate. They can really give an instant lifting effect, which, at the same time, does not last for a long time. But you should not expect an instant effect from a cream for daily use, but the result obtained from its use will be more persistent.

Another cosmetic product that protects beauty and forms a beautiful face oval is a lifting mask. A home facelift using this product is really effective, especially when combined with a lifting cream. But the issue with the purchase of a lifting mask and using it at best once a month will not work. A systematic approach is important here, involving the daily use of a lifting cream and the use of a lifting mask 2-3 times a week.


If for some reason it is not possible to visit a beautician for facial massage procedures, then self-massage is an excellent alternative. This procedure has a complex healing effect on the skin, including a lifting one, therefore a facelift at home should include this type of massage.

Self-massage is based on light stroking movements that improve tissue blood supply and lymph drainage, as well as help strengthen muscles. Use your fingertips to stroke your forehead upward and then your cheeks toward your temples for 3 minutes. The optimal number of self-massage procedures is 20, while they need to be carried out 2 - 3 times a week, not forgetting to pre-clean the skin of the face and hands.

And a facelift at home can include a special, contrast massage against a double chin. To complete it, you need a towel, water and the desire to look young and fresh.

Soak a folded towel in cold, salted water, and grab the ends of the towel and pat your chin. Repeat patting 10 times, then do the same, but dampen a towel in warm water.

By the way, about the second chin. It may appear long before you realize that it is time to use lifting cosmetics. Agree, the oval of the face can spoil the second chin, so we propose to talk about the second chin, and the methods of dealing with it in more detail.

The chin must be one

One of the most unpleasant phenomena requiring an immediate lift is a double chin. But, I must say, it is this phenomenon that is easier to remove at home than, for example, bags under the eyes or other consequences of gravity and weakening of the muscles on the face.

The simplest exercise, the performance of which obviously will not please the second chin, is the alternating pronunciation of the sounds "i" and "y" with muscle tension. This option is suitable even for notorious lazy people, and it can be practiced even instead of the usual morning songs in the shower.

If a facelift at home is one of the most important tasks for you today, then you can perform more complex, and at the same time even more effective exercises against a double chin. So, for example, while sitting upright, try to lower your chin, opposing the force of two fists, substituted from below. After that, open your mouth and stick out your tongue, trying to reach them to the chin. The effective implementation of such an exercise is not really to reach the chin with the tongue, but to feel how the muscles are tense and working.

A facelift at home is quite real, and only those experimenters who choose the wrong cosmetics, and even use it from time to time, remember that it would be time to do a massage, and if this is still not trying to lead a healthy lifestyle. But you are determined and you will follow all the rules and exercises clearly, right?

Inna Dmitrieva

Women's magazine JustLady

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