Perfect Eyebrows. How To Give Eyebrows A Beautiful Shape And The Desired Shade / How To Pluck Eyebrows Correctly Without Pain

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Perfect Eyebrows. How To Give Eyebrows A Beautiful Shape And The Desired Shade / How To Pluck Eyebrows Correctly Without Pain
Perfect Eyebrows. How To Give Eyebrows A Beautiful Shape And The Desired Shade / How To Pluck Eyebrows Correctly Without Pain

Video: Perfect Eyebrows. How To Give Eyebrows A Beautiful Shape And The Desired Shade / How To Pluck Eyebrows Correctly Without Pain

Video: Perfect Eyebrows. How To Give Eyebrows A Beautiful Shape And The Desired Shade / How To Pluck Eyebrows Correctly Without Pain
Video: HOW TO GROOM + SHAPE YOUR EYEBROWS! (super easy + at home) 2023, March
Perfect eyebrows. How to give your eyebrows a beautiful shape and the right shade
Perfect eyebrows. How to give your eyebrows a beautiful shape and the right shade

Recently, the idea of what the ideal eyebrows should be has often changed. Either all women pluck them out literally to the thread, then new fashion trends from catwalks and glossy magazines promote naturalness and make them grow their eyebrows, and the wider and thicker, the better. But in any case, the eyebrows must have a certain shape. Whichever option you choose for the width and thickness of your eyebrows, you should always make sure that the eyebrows are well-groomed. JustLady will tell you what eyebrow care should be like and how to achieve the perfect eyebrow shape. Location: Location:

Rarely does nature endow with exceptionally even eyebrows without hairs protruding beyond them. By and large, even eyebrows are never. In each of us, they approach a certain shape: rounded, straight, broken or curved. But it is possible to make this form obvious or completely change it only with the help of such a procedure as plucking eyebrows.

During this procedure, sometimes only a few hairs are removed, and sometimes you need to work hard to give the eyebrows the desired shape. How to pluck eyebrows correctly, how to find a middle ground, so as not to be left without eyebrows at all, but also to remove all unnecessary vegetation - this will be discussed further. In addition, we offer you to compare the advantages and disadvantages of the methods with which you can give your eyebrows the desired color. Simply put, the women's magazine JustLady will answer the questions of all women: how to pluck eyebrows without pain and with the desired effect, and how to draw eyebrows that are ideally suited to shape and color.

How to pluck eyebrows

Some women do not bother to answer this question, turning to specialists for eyebrow correction. This is a really good idea. A specialist will help you choose the shape of your eyebrows that suits you, and will quickly bring all ideas to life. But, turning to a specialist for eyebrow correction, it is necessary to take into account the following nuances:

1. In our area there are still craftsmen who give the eyebrows the desired shape using a razor blade. The only advantage of this method is that it is very fast. But the beauty of the shortcomings can be appreciated after the eyebrows begin to grow back. After just one such procedure, they will become much coarser and darker. If the master offers you this method of eyebrow correction, then you do not need to tell him how to pluck eyebrows correctly. Better ask about the possibility of using alternative methods.

2. Remember that periodic eyebrow shaping is a procedure as inevitable as correcting nail, eyelash or hair extensions. Although the hairs on the eyebrows are not as noticeable as capsules from regrown hair extensions, they immediately give the face an unkempt look. Therefore, be prepared to visit the salon at a fairly high frequency, or learn how to pluck your eyebrows yourself. In general, the ideal option is to periodically come to a specialist for eyebrow shaping, and then maintain the shape of the eyebrows yourself.

At home, you can also give your eyebrows the perfect shape. And for this it is not at all necessary to have an appropriate education. Knowledge of how to pluck eyebrows correctly, as well as experience gained over time, are often sufficient conditions for a successful eyebrow correction procedure.

First of all, remember that when correcting eyebrows, you must adhere to the rule of "nothing too much". This is especially true for women who naturally have thick and wide eyebrows. If nature wanted you to have wide eyebrows, then eyebrow strings are unlikely to be suitable for you. And imagine how much work will have to be done almost daily to maintain this shape.

Also, make sure your eyebrows are the same. Fortunately, the procedure for self-plucking of eyebrows differs from a self-made manicure, and almost all of them are able to pluck both eyebrows in the same way, which cannot be said about applying varnish to the nails of both hands.

Start the plucking procedure by shaping the outer edge of the brow. To do this, place a pencil against the tip of your nose, and use it to draw an imaginary line through the outer corner of the eye. Where the pencil meets the brow is the outer edge of your brow. Gently remove any hairs that remain outside the outer edge. You don't need to make your eyebrows shorter - it will look unnatural. Longer eyebrows, as a rule, do not look neat and well-groomed.

Now start shaping. Several questions arise here: how to pluck eyebrows correctly and how to pluck eyebrows without pain.

If you are asking the first question, then, first of all, remember: you do not need to pluck the hairs from the upper edge of the eyebrow. They may seem superfluous to you, but their absence will only visually lower an eyebrow and can completely change your facial expression. In addition, you should not get too carried away with plucking hairs at the outer edge of the eyebrow, and leave the inner edge completely untreated. Too uneven eyebrows are also ugly.

Those for whom the second question is relevant can be advised to properly grasp the hair that needs to be removed with tweezers. Before plucking eyebrows, you need to grab it not near the tip, but not directly on the skin. The best option would be to position the tweezers as close to the skin as possible, but without touching it. This way you will avoid the unpleasant painful sensations associated with grasping the skin with the forceps. In addition, the hair will not break off in the middle, but will be pulled out along with the root.

Now gently, but quickly enough, pull the hair strictly in the direction of its growth. Plucking the eyebrows in the opposite direction not only creates unpleasant sensations, but can also provoke their ingrowth into the skin. Keep in mind that ideally a horizontal line can be drawn between the outer and inner edge of the eyebrow. If your line is tilted, slightly reconsider your attitude towards the ideal eyebrow shape.

how to pluck eyebrows without pain
how to pluck eyebrows without pain

Draw the eyebrows

Eyebrow color correction is a procedure that is of particular relevance for those with light eyebrows. But even those who do not suffer from a lack of dark pigment sometimes want to change the color of their eyebrows, to make it more suitable for hair color, skin tone or specific makeup.

There are three main methods for changing eyebrow color and each one has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Eyebrow dyeing with special dyes in the salon or at home.

Pros: low cost, long-lasting effect;

Cons: in inexpensive paints, the palette is usually limited to two or three tones, in addition, it is often difficult to color eyebrows without touching the skin, which also acquires the appropriate shade.

Daily eyebrow tinting with a pencil or shadows

Pros: rich palette, the ability to change the shade every day, the ability to get as close as possible to the natural effect when using shadows;

Cons: Having to tint your eyebrows every day and then removing any makeup residue every night, which sometimes takes up valuable time.

Permanent make-up

Pros: no need to constantly worry about how to draw eyebrows or the fact that your beloved man will see you in the morning “not in parade”;

Cons: pain that occurs during the procedure, the need to periodically make adjustments.

Remember that it is the correct shape of the eyebrows and their ideal color that give the face a well-groomed look.

Inna Dmitrieva

Women's magazine JustLady

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