Tincture Of Pepper For Hair Growth

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Tincture Of Pepper For Hair Growth
Tincture Of Pepper For Hair Growth

Video: Tincture Of Pepper For Hair Growth

Video: Tincture Of Pepper For Hair Growth
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Tincture of pepper for hair growth
Tincture of pepper for hair growth

Every person loses hair every day - from 60 to 100 hairs. This is the norm. But what to do when the norm is no longer the norm and daily hair loss becomes a real disaster? Read about an effective way to strengthen hair in the women's magazine JustLady. Location: Location:

Why does hair fall out? The causes of hair loss can be very different. Here are some of them:

- Cold. Hair suffers greatly in the cold season, especially when we are indifferent to the torment they are experiencing. But this is really so: when we are afraid to spoil the styling and refuse to wear a hat in a fierce cold, our hair is under extreme stress. The cold is very cruel to them: because of it, the blood vessels of the head are narrowed, this disrupts the blood supply, and, as a result, the nutrition of the hair. Therefore, in cold weather, each of us must carefully wrap our hair to the very ends. Those ladies who are ardent opponents of hats run the risk of losing their luxurious curls, which by spring will resemble a worn-out washcloth. I must say that most girls are well aware of the dangers of frost, but still prefer to flaunt without a headdress. Have pity on your hair!Then it will be much more difficult to restore their strength.

- Stress. A very common cause of hair loss is nerves, anxiety, and frustration. How many of them we experience every day!.. Domestic problems, troubles at work, quarrels with loved ones - and then with horror we look at the comb, on which, after combing, a whole strand of hair remained.

- Vitamin deficiency. Perhaps the cause of hair distress is commonplace - a lack of vitamins. Then you need to take care of your health: vitamins will not only improve the condition of the hair, but also increase immunity.

When hair falls out …

When a woman discovers that her hair has lost its former volume and began to fall out, she is hit by a universal panic and fuss. Stop! Try to calm down and pull yourself together, otherwise, with your panic, you will deprive yourself of another good half of your hair. Do not give up, but on the contrary - save your hair.

First, stop using varnishes, it is undesirable to dye your hair during the period of hair loss. Of course, you don't really want to walk with regrown roots and hair of an incomprehensible color, but now the health of your hair is much more important. Another enemy of weakened hair is perm. It is known that girls with curly hair dream of straight hair, and young ladies with straight hair like to make curls, but it is advisable to leave everything in its original form during hair treatment.

Tincture of pepper for hair

The most effective remedy against hair loss is pepper tincture. You can either buy it at the pharmacy or make it yourself. For starters, it's best not to use it alone, especially if you have sensitive skin. In addition, if the scalp is dry, the pepper tincture can dry it out, which can lead to dandruff. Therefore, you can make all kinds of masks with pepper tincture, but if it does not cause burning, irritation and allergies, then it can be used in its pure form. Tincture of pepper for hair is a proven traditional remedy for hair loss. The effect is just great!

How to make pepper tincture for hair growth

Grind 1 large chilli red pepper and pour 1 glass of vodka. Put the jar in a dark place and leave for 1-3 weeks. There is also such a recipe for pepper tincture for hair growth: 1 part of red capsicum should be poured with 8 parts of alcohol or vodka, insisted for 25 days. Shake the tincture every 5 days. Then strain, before use, dilute one part of the tincture with ten parts of water, rub with a cotton swab into the hair roots.

How does pepper tincture work for hair growth?

Tincture of pepper improves blood circulation in the skin, stimulates hair growth. Hair strengthens and begins to grow faster. They become strong, alive, their condition improves. The tincture should only be rubbed into the roots, not applied to the entire length, so that it does not dry out the hair.

Pepper tincture masks for hair growth

1. Mix 1 tablespoon of pepper tincture and 1 tablespoon of castor oil. Rub the mixture into the roots, leave for half an hour to two hours. Castor oil can be substituted for any other vegetable oil you like. The greatest effect is achieved from burdock, almond and olive oils.

2. An excellent strengthening hair mask: burdock oil, onion juice, honey, yolk and tincture. Rub the mixture into the hair roots, leave for 1-2 hours. With regular use, hair stops falling out.

3. Onion juice, castor oil, pepper tincture, yolk, cognac, honey. Make a mixture, rub into hair roots, leave for 1-2 hours

4. Tincture of pepper can be used even with dry scalp. To do this, mix several tablespoons of the tincture with kefir and yolks.

You can add your favorite essential oils to the masks. The advantage of pepper tincture is that anyone can mix it up depending on the condition of their hair. JustLady magazine reminds that the pepper tincture for hair is only for the roots and scalp, otherwise it will dry out the hair.

Pepper tincture is a wonderful and effective remedy for hair loss. I am glad that in this case, alcohol plays the role of a useful medicine, and not an alcoholic drink that confuses the mind. Do not be afraid that a vodka aroma will come from you, because the tincture-based mask does not leave any odor on your hair. And if you add essential oil to the mask, your hair will smell of flowers. We wish you to grow your braid to the waist!

Alisa Terentyeva

Women's magazine JustLady

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