❶ Best Positions For Conceiving A Child / Frequency Of Sex, Woman's Position With An Inverted Uterus

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❶ Best Positions For Conceiving A Child / Frequency Of Sex, Woman's Position With An Inverted Uterus
❶ Best Positions For Conceiving A Child / Frequency Of Sex, Woman's Position With An Inverted Uterus

Video: ❶ Best Positions For Conceiving A Child / Frequency Of Sex, Woman's Position With An Inverted Uterus

Video: ❶ Best Positions For Conceiving A Child / Frequency Of Sex, Woman's Position With An Inverted Uterus
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The best positions for conceiving a baby
The best positions for conceiving a baby

Do you think that children are the flowers of life and that it's time for you to grow them? Women's magazine JustLady will tell its readers how to speed up this process. As it turns out, a simple formula - to conceive naturally, you need to have sex with a man - is complemented by several factors that affect the result. And if you have been waiting for two cherished strips for several months, try to take them into account. There is nothing complicated here: you just need to pay attention to exactly how, in what positions and at what time you have sex with your husband. The long-awaited result - conception - depends on the number of sexual acts, and even on the posture. Naturally, a woman can get pregnant in any position, but if a married couple dreams of the fruit of their love, then they can help themselves so that the expected event happens faster. Let's talk today aboutwhich positions are best for conceiving a child. Location: Location:

How often and at what time

Planning couples are advised to have regular sex life, optimal every other day. A particularly good time is 5 days before ovulation and 1 day after. A woman should keep a calendar on which she will mark auspicious days for conception. It is advisable to have sex at a time when the sperm are especially active - this is about 5 o'clock in the afternoon.

A prerequisite is to do only what you like. If some of the postures for conceiving a child do not give you any pleasure, then you should not practice them. Remember that you should not be nervous, stressed, because stress is the first enemy when planning a pregnancy. Stress causes a woman to stop feeling sexual desire, and the chances of conceiving are reduced. There is no need to rush and take sex as a necessary job for conception. JustLady recommends that you do not use artificial lubricant replacements because they contain substances that kill sperm or prevent them from moving forward.

The best positions for conception

Basic advice on which postures for conception are the best are based on the simplest laws of physics - even those who are far from the exact sciences know about the law of universal gravitation. When choosing positions for conceiving a child, it is better to refuse those in which sperm will flow out. Your task is to ensure that as many sperm as possible have the opportunity to "fight" for the championship. And in such positions as, for example, a woman on top, sperm will inevitably flow out, which will reduce the chances of sperm to fulfill their direct duty.

So what poses should you focus on? In principle, any one is suitable, in which the sperm at the time of ejaculation can easily enter the uterus and continue their way to the egg. At the same time, others are not excluded, but before ejaculation it is better to change the position to one in which the male member and the uterus will be brought closer together, which will significantly increase the chances of conception. One of the most popular conception positions is the woman from below. Another one that contributes to the goal is a man behind a woman, while a woman can lie on her side or kneel.

Thus, when choosing the best positions for conception, remember that ideal options are those in which sperm will not flow out after intercourse is completed.

By the way, the chances of successful and quick conception are increased in those women who know about their physiological characteristics. So, in some women, a bend of the uterus is observed, in others, the cervix may be located just above the uterus. In the first case, a knee-elbow position is recommended, in the second - a woman on her back, a man on top.

You can also cite folk beliefs as an example. However, they have not been scientifically proven, but still…. So, there are rumors that girls are most often conceived in the classic "man on top" pose, and boys are most often conceived in the knee-elbow pose.

What to do after sex

Relax, relax, cuddle with your husband, because this is the best time for affection and romantic conversations. It is advisable not to run straight to the bath, but just relax with your loved one for half an hour. Many women are convinced that for greater effect, immediately after sex, you need to stand in a birch tree position in order to "direct" sperm. However, it seems sheer stupidity - after sex, and this is, after all, physical activity, you want to relax, and not stand on your head or lift your legs up to the ceiling. And not all women can boast of acrobatic stretching, and therefore such postures can cause back pain. If you are still sure that it is better to help the sperm in their "big race", then put a pillow under your buttocks, and that will be enough.

The best postures for conception, taking into account the physiological characteristics

• If a woman has inflammation of the ovaries, then the uterus can be turned to the side, then you need to choose a position for conceiving a child in which the woman will lie on the side where the uterus is turned.

• If the uterus is well positioned, you can put a pillow under your buttocks, press your knees to your chest, and raise your legs.

• If the uterus bends, it is advisable to lie on the stomach.

What is not recommended when planning

It is better not to have sex in a hot bathroom, especially in a bath. The same goes for sex in a filled bath, pool. This will make it much more difficult for you to achieve your goal.

And, finally, the most important thing that I want to say. It is clear that you dream of a baby and direct all your efforts towards this. But still, you should not dwell on this, because you are making love with your loved one, and not following a work plan. Whatever position you choose for conceiving a child, just enjoy the intimacy with your husband. After all, you want to conceive a child when you experience only positive emotions? The more tender, sincere and anxious your relationship is, the better it will be for you and your future baby!

Alisa Terentyeva

Women's magazine JustLady

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