❶ Menstruation During Pregnancy. Why Does Your Period Go During Pregnancy?

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❶ Menstruation During Pregnancy. Why Does Your Period Go During Pregnancy?
❶ Menstruation During Pregnancy. Why Does Your Period Go During Pregnancy?

Video: ❶ Menstruation During Pregnancy. Why Does Your Period Go During Pregnancy?

Video: ❶ Menstruation During Pregnancy. Why Does Your Period Go During Pregnancy?
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Menses during pregnancy. Why does your period go during pregnancy?
Menses during pregnancy. Why does your period go during pregnancy?

If a woman is completely healthy, then the absence of menstruation is usually one of the first signs of pregnancy. But you can often hear the stories of women who have given birth more than once, that in the first months of pregnancy, their menstruation took place strictly on schedule, making it difficult to identify the fact of pregnancy. How this can be, and why menstruation goes on during pregnancy, will tell the women's magazine JustLady. Location: Location:

If you've heard stories like this, you might get the impression that menstruation during pregnancy is a common thing, well, perhaps, a feature of the body. In fact, this is not the case.

But after listening to the revelations of her friends, a young mother, discovering that her period goes on during pregnancy, does not worry at all and does not rush to see a gynecologist for an examination.

The situation is further complicated by the presence of a fairly large number of "living examples" of this phenomenon. Moreover, mothers say that with all this, the pregnancy was proceeding normally, and the baby was born healthy.

Well if so. This means that they are very lucky. Indeed, in fact, there are no menstruation during pregnancy and cannot be! This is a dangerous misconception that can lead to the loss of the child and complications with the health of the expectant mother.

Let's see what can cause this phenomenon and why it is so dangerous.

why do menstruation go during pregnancy
why do menstruation go during pregnancy

Menstruation during pregnancy: can this be

First, let's refresh our knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of women.

As you know, once a month, an egg matures in a woman's body, ready for conception. If fertilization has not occurred, in due time it collapses. During this period, the uterus contracts and outward, in the form of bloody discharge, comes out, in fact, what is left of the egg, as well as pieces of the endometrium - the tissue lining the walls of the uterus.

If the egg was fertilized, that is, pregnancy, as they say, on the face, then the essence of the processes taking place changes significantly.

The body prepares a special place for the embryo and works hard to prevent the uterus from rejecting the embryo.

In particular, the female body begins to produce a special hormone - progesterone. This hormone has two main functions. First, it stimulates the growth of the inner lining of the walls of the uterus (endometrium) so that the embryo can penetrate and better attach to them. Secondly, this hormone prevents the walls of the uterus from contracting, which protects the embryo from rejection.

I hope this makes it clear that menstruation during pregnancy cannot go in any way. Well, if they do exist, what is the reason?

Why do menstruation go during pregnancy

As already mentioned, bloody discharge during pregnancy cannot be considered monthly. The cause of the discharge can be various pathologies, a violation of the hormonal functions of the mother's body. Such a phenomenon may be a signal about the detachment of the ovum, which threatens a miscarriage.

Let's take a closer look at a few examples.

Often, women who find that they have their periods during pregnancy actually suffer from a violation of the production of progesterone. If this hormone is very small, then at the time set for normal menstruation, spotting with fragments of the endometrium may be observed.

This means that the uterus, as in the usual case, is cleansed, and at the same time it can reject the fetus. This, of course, cannot be allowed. Therefore, with timely treatment, the doctor prescribes the expectant mother drugs that replace progesterone. In most cases, the threat of miscarriage with this type of disorder is stopped, and the mother calmly continues to carry the baby.

Also, the cause of the appearance of the so-called menstruation during pregnancy can be fetal pathologies (genetic changes) or an ectopic pregnancy.

It also happens that the fetus does not attach very well. For example, if the expectant mother suffers from endometriosis or has fibroids. Having attached to such an unfavorable place, the embryo cannot develop normally, it is poorly supplied with oxygen, that is, a miscarriage may occur.

Another hormonal disorder leading to the appearance of bloody discharge is hyperandrogenism. That is, to put it simply, an excess of male hormones. If untreated, this phenomenon often leads to detachment of the ovum, and, therefore, to miscarriage.

With timely treatment, such consequences can be avoided.

Another rather rare phenomenon can be detected in those women who have their periods during pregnancy.

It so happens that 2 embryos are initially formed, that is, a multiple pregnancy. But at the same time, one of them develops normally, and the other, for some reason, is rejected by the body (unsuccessful place of attachment, pathology, etc.). In this case, menstruation during pregnancy is a signal of the process of rejection of one of the embryos.

As you can see, the reasons for such a phenomenon as menstruation during pregnancy are far from harmless. The consequences are even worse.

Therefore, do not listen to experienced advice and do not close your eyes to what is happening. Even if you feel good, do not experience pain and discomfort, but you have bloody discharge, do not hesitate to consult your doctor with a question why your periods go on during pregnancy.

And if back pain is added to the bloody discharge, something similar to labor pains, the discharge becomes quite abundant, call an ambulance immediately. It may be that an independent trip to the clinic will cost you a child!

As already mentioned, in many cases, especially if it is "prank hormones", with timely referral to a specialist, it is possible to avoid the threat of miscarriage. In other cases, even if nothing can be done already, the sooner you inform your doctor that you are menstruating during pregnancy, the more likely you are to avoid health problems and hope for the next, more successful pregnancy.

Alexandra Panyutina

Women's magazine JustLady

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