❶ 10 Ways To Get A Man To Run After You

❶ 10 Ways To Get A Man To Run After You
❶ 10 Ways To Get A Man To Run After You

Video: ❶ 10 Ways To Get A Man To Run After You

Video: ❶ 10 Ways To Get A Man To Run After You
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10 ways to get a man to run after you
10 ways to get a man to run after you

Perhaps every woman dreams of conquering a man, but not everyone knows how to do this. Brew a love potion? Get rid of all the rivals? Do a hundred or two of plastic surgeries? Who knows, love is a mysterious thing, and the strangest deeds sometimes help to win it. Nevertheless, there are general recommendations that can be given to girls who want to conquer a man's heart. Location: Location:

1. Be beautiful.

Say what you like, but a man pays attention first to the external data of the girl, and only then to her inner world. If you want to attract the attention of a representative of the stronger sex, watch yourself. Visit beauty salons, do your hair in the morning, do not forget to put on makeup. You must forget the words "and so it will do": a woman must be flawless, regardless of whether she is seen by millions or just one person.

2. Be different from others.

Beauty is, of course, good, but do not forget that there are a lot of pretty women. In order for a man to choose you, you must be different from the rest. This does not mean that you need to immediately run to the hairdresser and dye your hair green: just come up with a couple of original gestures.

3. Watch your gait.

You may be thinking that gait is secondary: eye-popping high-heeled shoes will catch men's attention on their own. This, of course, is true, but not entirely. Representatives of the stronger sex will notice your slender legs, your desire to please, but they will not see lightness in you. Remember, a woman who can walk beautifully in slippers looks better than a clumsy lady in shoes.

4. Smile.

Men love when a smile shines on a girl's face. This can be easily explained: it is pleasant to communicate with a friendly person. It is not for nothing that benevolent people are often compared to the sun: they give light and warmth, like the ancient luminary.

5. Be well groomed.

Never allow yourself to appear in front of a man in a washed bathrobe and matted hair. Whether you're in the mood to dress up or not, don't pull on a stretched sweater and jeans. Respect others, understand that it is unpleasant for them to see an untidy person. Spending an extra thirty minutes packing will not make your bad mood worse, and maybe even get better.

6. Don't be aggressive.

Men are afraid of women who are overly active. They don't like being prey because they are used to thinking of themselves as hunters. Do not deprive yourself of the pleasure of watching your chosen one try to win you over.

7. Don't be smart.

A woman who knows about everything in the world and demonstrates this at every opportunity is not perceived by men as a potential companion. They may respect her, but they are unlikely to dare to start building a relationship with her. What for? She is independent, besides, she knows more than they themselves. Understand that it is difficult for the stronger sex to come to terms with the fact that they are worse than a lady in matters of "men's" ("women's" matters include caring for a child and maintaining comfort in the house).

8. Don't pretend you don't need men.

Inaccessibility can be attractive, but not always. It is one thing when a woman shows a man that it is not easy to win her, and another is when she demonstrates her indifference to him. In the second case, the person is likely to stop the assault and prefer to retreat. Don't let him go.

9. Learn to be affectionate.

Whatever your image, know how to shed the mask, being alone with a man. He needs a soft woman who knows how to listen and understand, and not a cold, albeit beautiful Snow Queen. A vamp woman is rarely happy in her personal life: she attracts men, but their passion does not last long.

10. Appreciate yourself.

Never hang yourself on the neck of men, do not run to the first comer. No matter how much you love a person, let him know that you are not a dog, and if he does not pay enough attention to you, you will simply leave for another. Believe me, a woman who values herself will always find someone to go to.

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