❶ Exercises For The Waist And Sides

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❶ Exercises For The Waist And Sides
❶ Exercises For The Waist And Sides

Video: ❶ Exercises For The Waist And Sides

Video: ❶ Exercises For The Waist And Sides
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Exercises for the waist and sides
Exercises for the waist and sides

One of the most problematic areas for women is the sides. One has only to relax and allow yourself too much (although, how can a cake with caramel chips and creamy roses blooming on the most delicate sponge-cake soaked in liquor be superfluous?), As your favorite jeans immediately decrease in size (maybe they sat down after washing?), And the belt on the dress stops buttoning. It seems that fatty deposits on the sides and waist appear from one glance at the goodies, from their smell, delivering many unpleasant minutes to their owner. Well, you ask, in order to maintain a fit figure, you have to limit yourself in everything? And the women's magazine JustLady will answer: you do not need everything, just watch your diet more carefully, do not overeat. And do special exercises for the waist and sides that will help you make your figure fit and slim. Location:Location:

Exercises for the sides, as, indeed, for other parts of the body, are divided into: stretching exercises, Pilates (stretches and strengthens muscles), shaping (strengthens muscles), training with dumbbells. We will give several exercises for each type of activity, and you can choose the most suitable for yourself. Or do everything in a complex way - this will only enhance the effect. But first, JustLady will advise you on one of the most effective and versatile exercises that you yourself know very well: training with a hula-hoop or, in other words, a sports hoop.

The hoop can be different: simple, with a massage effect, with weights. For initial training, you should not buy too heavy, a metal hoop will be enough. The "twisting" technique is not difficult - yes, you probably remember how you did it in childhood. Take the hula hoop with both hands, twist it vigorously, and continue to rotate it, helping with the belly. Movements should be rhythmic, but without jerks. Start your workout with 2-3 minutes in each direction, gradually increasing the time. After getting a little more comfortable, replace the metal hoop with a heavier one. And do not forget - while doing exercises for the waist and sides, you must breathe correctly, without holding your breath.

exercises to remove the sides
exercises to remove the sides

Exercises for the sides - warm up the muscles

The basis of any sports exercise is to warm up the muscles before class. The room must be ventilated before training, you can turn on pleasant music: rhythmic or calm. Clothes and shoes should not hinder movement. So, exercises to remove the sides: start with stretching.

1. Stand up straight with your hands on your waist. We make slow bends in opposite directions, stretching one hand up. Tilt to the left - right hand, tilt to the right - left hand. We carry out 6-7 times in each direction.

2. We sit on the floor, one leg is extended, the other is bent at the knee (we put a straight leg behind the knee). Hands straight in front of you, smoothly turn the body towards the bent knee, without moving the hips and trying to turn around as far as possible. We fix the position for 20 seconds, change the side.

3. We lie down on the floor, hands in the support in front of the chest. We extend our arms (hips are pressed to the floor), we try to bend our back as far as possible - we pull the abdominal muscles.

4. Starting position - standing on the floor, legs wider than shoulders. Slowly bend to the left, bending the left leg at the knee. The left hand is at the waist, with the right hand we reach the wall. Change the side, repeat 6-7 times.

5. Starting position - standing, set feet shoulder-width apart. Arms bent at the elbows are pressed to the chest. We turn rhythmically to the left and to the right, the amplitude of the movement is maximum. We perform the exercise for 30 seconds.

Waist & Side Exercises - Pilates

This type of workout is great for those who don't like to work out at a fast pace. Pilates training takes place without jumps and sharp bends, the emphasis is on stretching and static muscle work, which, if done correctly, brings no less benefit than any classical workout. Exercises to remove sides from the Pilates category:

1. Stand on the floor, feet shoulder width apart. The right hand is at the waist, the left is raised up. Slowly bend to the right, as low as possible, do not bend your legs! We fix the position, stay in it for 1 minute and change the side.

2. Lie on your back, legs straight, hands behind your head. We raise the body and straight legs above the floor, fix this position. We try to hold out for 30-40 seconds.

3. We sit on the floor, straight legs spread as far as possible. We make a bend across the side to one leg, trying to reach the foot with both hands. We fix the position for 40-60 seconds, change the side.

4. Starting position - lying on your side with an emphasis on one hand (as convenient), the other hand behind the head. We simultaneously raise the top of the body and straight legs (pressed against each other). The body and legs should be in line. We linger in the upper position for 20-30 seconds. This is a particularly effective exercise for the waist and sides, albeit heavy.

Exercises for the waist and sides - training oblique muscles and abs

1. Twisting. We lie on our back, legs bent at the knees, hands in the lock behind the head. Raise the upper part of the body, try to reach with the elbow to the opposite knee. We carry out at a fast pace, 15-20 times in each direction.

2. Starting position - lie on your side (emphasis on one hand, the other behind your head), legs bent at the knees. Body and hips in line! At the same time, we raise the body and leg up, the pace of execution is fast. We do the exercise 20 times, change the side.

3. We take dumbbells. Starting position - we put our feet shoulder-width apart, hands - below. We begin to do vigorous bends in turn in each direction, feeling the muscles tense. We carry out 20-30 times in each direction.

4. Stand up straight, arms extended up (with dumbbells). We make bends to the sides without dropping our hands. We carry out 20-30 times in each direction.

Do these exercises to remove sides and excess "fat" from the waist, be persistent and diligent. The results will definitely appear if you really, really want to.

Svetlana Krutova

Women's magazine JustLady