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❶ How To Remove Breeches / Effective Exercises, Exercises, Forum
❶ How To Remove Breeches / Effective Exercises, Exercises, Forum

Video: ❶ How To Remove Breeches / Effective Exercises, Exercises, Forum

Video: ❶ How To Remove Breeches / Effective Exercises, Exercises, Forum
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How to remove breeches
How to remove breeches

Breeches are such "ears" on the hips, from the outside. Breeches are also called "bear ears". In general, you can not describe them for a long time, because those for whom this issue is relevant, and so know how these very ears look. On women's forums, the question of how to remove the breeches pops up very, very often. They advise a lot, but far from everything helps, and women continue to torture themselves with diets, pull themselves into jeans, two sizes smaller, just to make their hips slim and beautiful. The women's magazine JustLady decided to collect and summarize the main ways to get rid of these ears - why do we need ears on the hips? Location: Location:

So, of the main ways that women can get rid of breeches, diet and fasting, exercise, massage and liposuction are distinguished. Let's consider each method in more detail.

How to remove breeches with liposuction

Liposuction is the simplest method, but not the best. By liposuction, medicine means pumping out the deposits of fatty subcutaneous tissue from those places that are not amenable to physical influence. But the breeches zone is just amenable to correction by physical impact. So why have surgery? But if you nevertheless decided to take this step, it will be useful for you to know that with insignificant fat deposits in the breeches zone, correction by the vacuum method is possible. There is also laser and ultrasonic liposuction. Of course, it takes much longer to remove breeches on the hips with exercises, massages and diets than liposuction, but still it is better to resort to it only when all the tried methods have failed.

How to remove breeches with massage

Many women claim that they managed to defeat breeches with massage. It is advisable that a specialist massage the problem area for you - he already knows how to remove breeches … If you are lucky with a massage therapist, the result will be noticeable very soon. A good and correct massage improves lymph circulation and enhances the outflow of venous blood. You can also do self-massage, but it is not as effective. Massaging this area includes rubbing, stroking, tapping and kneading. Combine massage with water treatments - this is doubly useful. For example, take a bath with essential oils (you can read about which oils to choose in JustLady magazine), and then thoroughly rub the area of breeches with a hard washcloth. Of course, relatively hard - there is no need to rip off the skin, but just massage with a washcloth, you can use a terry cloth. Please note that if you have any skin problems, then such a procedure is prohibited! If you use an anti-cellulite cream during the massage, the result will be more pronounced. Self-massage is done within ten minutes.

How to remove breeches with diets

In short, breeches cannot be removed by diets alone, and no matter how hungry you are, this will not help you. Thin girls who also have ears on their hips can be considered living witnesses of this. To remove breeches on the thighs, exercise, massage and dietshould complement each other. In no case do not torture yourself with hunger - so you will not achieve anything, but only undermine your health. If you decide to remove breeches on your hips with exercise and diet, change your diet. First of all, this concerns easily digestible carbohydrates, such as those found in buns, cakes, pastries and other delicious, but not the most useful sweets in our situation. Focus on protein foods, foods with complex carbohydrates, and of course fruits and vegetables. You can also learn a lot about diets and proper nutrition in JustLady magazine. Ideally, you will want to see a dietitian who can work out a personalized diet for you. Then, by combining exercise, massage and diet, you will have a very good chance of defeating those insidious "ears" on the hips.

remove breeches on hips exercises
remove breeches on hips exercises

How to remove breeches on the hips with exercises

Now, actually, about the exercises. In order to remove the breeches, the main focus should be on working out the outer side of the thigh. For example, the following exercises are effective:

• Stand up, stretch your arms forward, spread your legs shoulder-width apart, lower your head. The back during the exercise should be straight and extended, and the abdomen should be drawn in. Lower your head, squat slowly. The thighs should be strictly parallel to each other. After doing a deep squat, slowly rise. At first, do 3-4 exercises, then the amount can be brought to 10.

• Sit on the floor, rest on your hands, bend your knees and spread them apart. Perform the exercise slowly, spread your knees all the way, and then connect them just as slowly. First, do 5 exercises, and then, when it becomes easier, do 10-12 repetitions.

• Do the scissors and bicycle exercises.

• Sit on the floor with your hands on the floor behind you, straighten your legs and spread them to the side. The exercise consists in turning the legs first inward, then outward. Repeat 10-12 times.

• Lie on your side, straighten your upper leg, then slowly lift up, lower. Make 10 swings. Repeat the same exercise with the other leg.

• Sit on the floor, straighten your legs, stretch your socks, and pull your shoulders back. Bend your arms slightly at the elbows and lean on them. Pull your knees to your shoulders so that your lower leg is perpendicular to the floor. Then straighten your legs and touch the floor with your heel. This exercise will seem difficult at first, and your muscles will ache a little afterwards. But then it will be much easier for you. First, do 3-4 exercises, then bring the number of repetitions to 8-10 times.

JustLady magazine hopes that all these tips will help you finally get rid of breeches.