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Home Exercise Equipment
Home Exercise Equipment

Video: Home Exercise Equipment

Video: Home Exercise Equipment
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Home exercise equipment
Home exercise equipment

How little time we all devote to sports: and not at all because we consider physical activity an unnecessary waste of time (well, of course, there are some, but we are not talking about them now), but because we simply have no time. After all, for fitness or swimming in the pool you need free time, and with it a real disaster: work, study, small children … Therefore, we will be a little distressed, and then with a clear conscience we will say: “I would like to do sports, but it doesn’t work …”. Meanwhile, there is a way out of this situation, and it is quite obvious: to exercise at home. Well, tell me, what kind of solution is this - there are no conditions at home like in the gym. Women's magazine JustLady is ready to offer you a real solution to this problem - simulators for home use, which will be discussed further. Location: Location:

Home simulators are multifunctional and small in size, so they are very convenient to use: they do not clutter up the room, so households will not trip over them, and are very easy to operate. Both sports people and those who last did physical education in school can work out on such simulators. Home exercise equipment will fit perfectly even in the smallest apartment. To choose a simulator for home use, you need to decide on the following points: for what purposes you buy it (lose weight, gain muscle mass), how often do you plan to exercise, how much space you are ready to allocate for the simulator - having decided on these questions, it will be easier for you make a long-awaited purchase.

Buying a simulator

Remember that an exercise machine is not something that you buy every day, and therefore it is better to weigh the pros and cons before spending money. It is advisable to buy a simulator where you can personally test it: do a few exercises in order to assess how comfortable it is for you to do it. JustLady would like to touch upon such a question as buying through “shops on the couch”. Treat any advertisement with a grain of salt, and if you are offered a "miracle device" that will remove ten centimeters from your waist in two days and make you a flat stomach, do not be too gullible. Of course, all these massagers, myostimulants and mini-cardiovascular equipment will not do harm, but in fact, this is just waste of money. If you want to make a serious purchase in order to persevere, then you should immediately discard this option.

Now let's look at the types of exercise equipment for home use.

The main muscle of our body is, of course, the heart, and therefore both young and old people need to strengthen their cardiovascular system. This will help cardiovascular equipment, which also help to lose weight.

Exercise bike

One of the most common home exercise equipment due to its compactness and reasonable cost. Exercise bikes are magnetic, shoe and belt. Magnetic ones work on electricity, but the shoe does not need to be plugged into an outlet. Even people with a weak spine can exercise on such a simulator - special horizontal exercise bikes have been developed for them. Overall, it is the most effective and safest exercise machine that even people with spine, knee and overweight people can use. The most "sophisticated" exercise bikes have additional functions, such as determining the heart rate, speed. They have several training programs, and each can set a program according to their capabilities.


This is a very convenient home use simulator that can be used for both walking and jogging. A mechanical track is the cheapest option, and it takes up very little space: immediately after training, the track can be rolled up and put into a closet. The magnetic track is a more advanced model and requires electricity. The most expensive models are equipped with built-in training programs, so such simulators are considered the most effective. Unfortunately, not everyone can do it on a treadmill: people with overweight, varicose veins and problems with the spine and knees should not take risks so as not to aggravate their condition.


This home simulator simulates climbing a staircase, and you need to push hard on each step. There are the simplest and cheapest models, and there are more "sophisticated" with levers for the arms: you can work out not only the muscles of the legs, but also the muscles of the upper half of the body. This simulator takes up very little space, and therefore it can be bought even in small apartments. However, it has a drawback - if you exercise too actively, you can damage the joints of the knees.

Elliptical Trainer

A very effective simulator, which simultaneously works out both the shoulder girdle and the legs. In addition, it can work out individual muscle groups. The advantage of this simulator is that you can use your legs, arms, back, chest, shoulders without additional exercises, while training is completely safe: there is no load on the spine and knees.


This compact and space-saving exercise bike is somewhat similar to an exercise bike, with a saddle and handlebar. During the workout, the muscles of the back, legs and buttocks are worked out, while the load on the joints is not felt. The simulator is suitable even for people with varicose veins and problems with knee joints.

As you can see, there is plenty to choose from, so if you set out to seriously engage in training, then nothing is impossible!