Exercises With An Expander / For Men, Women, For Hips, Abs, Back Muscles

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Exercises With An Expander / For Men, Women, For Hips, Abs, Back Muscles
Exercises With An Expander / For Men, Women, For Hips, Abs, Back Muscles

Video: Exercises With An Expander / For Men, Women, For Hips, Abs, Back Muscles

Video: Exercises With An Expander / For Men, Women, For Hips, Abs, Back Muscles
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Exercises with an expander
Exercises with an expander

Every woman, whom nature has endowed with magnificent forms, dreams of a beautiful and fit figure. Those who are incredibly lucky, and the extra chocolate does not in any way affect the volume of their hips and waist, will also be able to learn interesting information from this article, since exercises with an expander not only allow you to lose weight, but also give your muscles athletic appeal. The women's magazine JustLady cannot be responsible for the entire Universe, but it is quite within our power to help a real woman win over herself. Location: Location:

Many people believe that hobby for a healthy lifestyle is a rather expensive pleasure, and some explain this to their refusal to do fitness. The women's site JustLady will tell you about the undeservedly forgotten, extremely effective, compact and inexpensive exercise machine. Available to almost everyone, it will help make the figure more attractive and the muscles toned. Exercises with an expander will take quite a bit of time, and even the most picky and hasty will like the result.

All resistance bands are divided into two groups. Depending on the principle underlying the force application mechanism, compression expander and extension expander are distinguished. JustLady magazine offers a range of exercises designed to strengthen the muscles of the glutes, thighs and abs. We present exercises with a shock-absorbing expander, namely, with a rubber band. This is the simplest and most affordable expander, while its effectiveness is quite high.

exercises with expander in pictures
exercises with expander in pictures

Any physical activity on simulators requires warming up the muscles. A light warm-up with good music will be useful for both body and soul. Both during warm-up and performing exercises with an expander, control the movements, do them smoothly and accurately. The training time depends on your physical condition. The most problematic areas of many women are the buttocks, thighs and abdomen, so we present exercises for these muscle groups.

Exercises with an expander for the buttocks

1. I. p. - standing. The auxiliary shell is a chair. Tie the expander tape around your ankles and stand facing the back of the chair. The abdomen is pulled in, the buttocks are tense. Take your leg back. The toe is dull. Height from floor to toe is about 20 centimeters. Return your leg to its original position. Repeat the exercise 10 times for each leg.

2. I. p. - also. Don't forget about your sock, belly, and buttocks. The toe when exercising for the buttocks is always dull, the stomach is pulled in, and the buttocks are tense. Take your left leg to the side. Return your leg to its original position. Swing 10 times with each leg. This exercise is effective not only for the buttocks, but also for strengthening the muscles of the inner thigh.

3. I. p. - standing on your knees and elbows. Fix the band of the expander in the middle of the foot and, extending from the back over the shoulders, hold it in your hands. Raise the leg on which the expander is fixed, without straightening, so that the thigh is parallel to the floor. In other words, the thigh is in the same plane with the torso. At the same time, the foot is directed towards the ceiling. The sock is "dull". Lower your bent knee to its original position. For each leg, repeat the exercises with an expander 10 times.

Exercises with a thigh expander

1. I. p. - lying on your back. Fold the rubber band in half. Pull your bent leg towards your chest. The other leg is on the floor. Insert the foot into the loop. Slowly, in six counts, straighten your leg. Don't pull the sock. The foot is "dull". Perform the exercise 10 times on each leg.

2. I. p. - lying on your back. Tie the expander tape around your ankles. Raise your straight legs. Both feet are directed towards the ceiling, legs and torso are at a right angle. Hands lie along the body. For problems with the spine, hands can be placed under the buttocks. In this position, spread and bring your legs.

3. I. p. - as in the previous exercise. Move the left leg to the side, while the right remains in place. Return your left leg to its original position. Move your right leg to the side, the left remains in place. As a result, you should get 20 swings. Strength exercises with an expander are much more effective than similar exercises without loading.

4. I. p. - standing. Legs are wider than shoulders. Stand on the expander tape. Take the free ends of the tape in your hands. Bring your hands together at groin level. You should get a triangle, the sides of which are the expander tape. Slowly swing to the side, first with your left foot, then with your right.

Exercises with an expander for the press

1. I. p. - standing. Fold the expander tape in half. Place your feet wider than your shoulders. Insert your left foot into the loop. With your left hand, grasp the expander at shoulder level, pull the remaining ends over your shoulders and fix the optimal tension with your right hand. Tilt the body to the left. While doing this exercise, keep your pelvis motionless. Do not lean forward - only to the side! Do 10 tilts to the right and to the left.

2. I. p. - lying on your back. The legs are brought together and raised. The expander is fixed on the feet. The arms are bent at the elbows, the hands, with the ends of the expander clamped in them, are at chest level. Tear off the shoulder blades from the floor, as you exhale, lower your straight legs. Try not to touch the floor with your heels. Do the exercise slowly. Start with 10 swings of the press, gradually increasing the load.

The rubber expander is attractive because it is shown to women of any weight category at any age, and due to its compactness, exercises with the expander can be performed on a business trip and on vacation. It is no secret that many people are stopped from going to the gym, first of all, self-doubt and the fear of appearing ridiculous. Incidentally, these fears are completely in vain. Believe me, people do not go to workouts to discuss someone's form. If you are not yet ready to go to the gym, exercises with an expander can be a full-fledged replacement for more complex machines. Your beauty and health are in your hands, and the JustLady women's website will always tell you the shortest way to achieve your goal.

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