❶ Unmarried Princes Of The World

❶ Unmarried Princes Of The World
❶ Unmarried Princes Of The World

Video: ❶ Unmarried Princes Of The World

Video: ❶ Unmarried Princes Of The World
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Unmarried Princes of the World
Unmarried Princes of the World

“Even if you are a little over thirty, there is a hope to marry a prince …”, once Verka Serduchka sang. Of course, there is always hope, but there are fewer and fewer unmarried princes every year. Just the other day, one of the most enviable suitors, Prince William, tied the knot. However, few infants are ready to follow his example, and Cinderellas of the whole world still have many chances to become princesses. Location: Location:

The first place in the ranking of unmarried royal especially in the world was not empty for long. After Prince William left him, his younger brother, twenty-six-year-old Prince Harry, became the most enviable groom. As you know, last year he broke up with his girlfriend Chelsea Davey and is still single. Harry is far from an angel and is very different in character from the restrained older brother. Many scandals are associated with his name. When he was 17, he was caught smoking marijuana and underwent treatment in a drug addiction clinic. Then there were photos from the strip club, apologies to the whole kingdom for the swastika on the sleeve and a trip to Auschwitz and so on. Surprisingly, these "misdeeds" did not interfere with the prince's military career. In 2006, Prince Harry graduated from the Royal Military Academy and served in Afghanistan. Harry continues his mother's workthe late Princess Diana, who devoted herself to charity.

The second place in the world ranking of single princes is occupied by Prince Carl Philip of Sweden, Duke of Vermand. He is the second child and only son of the now reigning Swedish king Carl XVI Gustav and Queen Sylvia. Karl Philip, 31, is second in line for the king's title. Before him is only his older sister, Crown Princess Victoria.

The tall, dark-haired, handsome man studied graphic design and advertising, and is currently studying crop production, engineering and forestry. Like any member of the royal family, Prince Carl Philip holds the rank of a naval officer. He is interested in sports: auto racing, skiing, athletics, football, swimming - the Infanta's favorite sports. The prince loves to travel and make documentaries, but also enjoys photography and arranges exhibitions of his work. Last year, Prince Carl Philip broke up with his girlfriend Emma Pernald, whom he had been dating for 12 years. And in November last year, the model Sofia Helqvist introduced his bride to his parents, but there are rumors that Karl Philip is not going to tie himself by official marriage.

The twenty-four-year-old Belgian prince Amedeo is in no hurry with the wedding. Despite the fact that he is the eldest son of Princess Astrid, he may not even dream of royal power, since he is closer to the end than to the beginning in the queue for the royal crown, but his descendants will be of royal blood anyway. Prince Amedeo studied at a college in Kent, spent a year at a military academy in Belgium (holds the rank of reserve officer in the Belgian army), and also received a diploma from the London School of Economics. Now he works for the largest auditing company Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu in New York, where he lives in his own apartment. Prince Amedeo is handsome, modest, shy and hardworking, which is probably why he is still completely alone.

To become the chosen one of the Prince of Monaco Andrea Albert Pierre Casiraghi, you will have to try pretty hard. The twenty-six-year-old fair-haired blue-eyed handsome man has several higher educations, is fluent in English, French, Italian and German. In addition to secular parties, he loves skiing and horse riding, collects Swatch watches and Louis Sciolla tuxedos. Prince Andrea Casiraghi is the eldest son of the daughter of Princess Carolina of Monaco and her late husband Stefano Casiraghi and, by the way, the grandson of the famous actress Grace Kelly. He is second in line to the Monegasque throne of his mother, if his uncle, now the ruling prince of Monaco Albert II, by the way, is also single, does not leave offspring. Prince Andrea Casiraghi has a girlfriend, the heiress of the Latin American billionaire, Tatiana Santo Domingo. However, he is not in a hurry with the wedding yet.

As already mentioned, in Monaco there is another single representative of the royal dynasty. Fifty-three-year-old Prince Albert II, or Albert Alexander Louis Pierre Grimaldi, who now reigns in the kingdom, has not yet found a life partner. He has two illegitimate children, but they cannot inherit the throne, even though they are recognized by their father. Albert II is an officer in the French navy and a good athlete, for almost 20 years he was a member of the Belgian Olympic bobsled team in fours and even competed in 5 Olympics. He also enjoys football, swimming and judo.

Also lonely is the thirty-year-old king of Bhutan, Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuk, who ascended the throne in 2006. He is the youngest king in the world. Little is known about him. Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuk was educated in Bhutan, also attended several colleges in the US and UK, after which he defended his dissertation in political science at Oxford.

Twenty-eight-year-old Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Prince of Dubai, is also considered an enviable groom. The prince is not only the heir to a twelve billion dollar fortune, but also serves as the head of the Dubai Executive Council, the Dubai Sports Council, the Dubai Autism Center and the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Institute for Young Business Leaders. He received his primary education at a private school in Dubai, then decided to continue his studies and left for Great Britain, where, following the example of the princes of European dynasties, he graduated from the Royal Sandhurst Academy and then from the London School of Economics. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is passionate about horses and has even won several local and international awards in horse racing competitions. He writes poetry and reads them in front of the public, and also breeds thoroughbred camels.

Lonely and Crown Prince of Luxembourg Guillaume Jean Joseph Marie. He is twenty-nine years old and became the first in line to the throne, after the coronation of his father, Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg. Prince Guillaume studied at several educational institutions, including the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, but did not graduate from any of them. The Infante loves sports, especially football, he even played for the local football club. In addition, the prince travels a lot, plays the violin and does charity work. For several years now, Prince Guillaume has been free, although in 2002 he met the Norwegian Pia Haraldsen, to whom he was even engaged for about a year, but the engagement was terminated.

Guillaume's younger brother Prince Felix is also not married. He is twenty-six years old. And he is second in line to the throne. He is tall, young and handsome.

The fourth in line to the throne of Brunei is the idle Prince Azim. At the insistence of his father, he entered the same Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, however, on the third day of training, he escaped. Despite the fact that the prince's military career did not work out, he received diplomas from several prestigious educational institutions of Brunei, Singapore and Great Britain. He is the heir to a huge fortune of $ 22 billion and loves to waste money. By the way, he spends huge sums not only on entertainment, such as a party with Michael and Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey and Joan Collins, but also on charity. Prince Azim is the head of the Make a Wish charity foundation. He helps the blind, organizes charity concerts.

Finally, a little about single princes without kingdoms. Prince Philippos, 24, is the youngest son of the former King of Greece, Constantine II and Anne Maria of Denmark. Despite the fact that he will no longer be king, he holds a high position in the EIM Group, lives in New York and works a lot. At the same time, his heart is completely free.

Completing our list of the most enviable bachelors of "blue blood", the heir to the Russian imperial house, the Tsarevich and Grand Duke Georgy Mikhailovich Romanov. He is the son of Prince Franz Wilhelm of Hohenzollern of Prussia and Maria Vladimirovna Romanova, daughter of the head of the imperial house in exile Vladimir Kirillovich Romanov. He is thirty years old and for 14 years now he has sworn allegiance to the Fatherland in Jerusalem at the Holy Sepulcher. Educated at Oxford, worked in the European Parliament, and in 2008 was appointed Advisor to the General Director of MMC Norilsk Nickel and a member of the Board of the Nickel Institute. The heir, the Tsarevich, completely obeys the will of his mother and is full of desire to serve Russia. By the way, not all heirs of the Romanov dynasty recognize his title of Grand Duke, since he is then of a noble family in the female line. In the same time,as the great-grandson of Joachim-Franz-Humbert Prince of Prussia, theoretically has the right to claim the title of Elector of Brandenburg. In the arsenal of the Tsarevich and Grand Duke Georgy Mikhailovich there is no monarchy, but no state, no glamorous chic. However, blue blood flows in his veins.

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