❶ Technique Of Self-massage Of Hands

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❶ Technique Of Self-massage Of Hands
❶ Technique Of Self-massage Of Hands

Video: ❶ Technique Of Self-massage Of Hands

Video: ❶ Technique Of Self-massage Of Hands
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Self-massage technique for hands
Self-massage technique for hands

Our hands are involved in any area of human activity: work, sports, household chores. And the hands are under a very heavy load, especially since we do not always protect their harmful effects, for example, from wind and cold. And if you also remember that when cleaning, washing and other household chores, we do not always use protective gloves, then it is clear that the condition of the skin of our hands leaves much to be desired. Of course, all women, one way or another, take care of their hands: they wash them, lubricate them with moisturizers. But, unfortunately, sometimes this is not enough for full-fledged hand care. With self-massage of hands, you can not only improve the condition of the skin, but also improve your well-being. Find out more in the online women's magazine JustLady. Location: Location:

It turns out that hand massage improves blood flow and activates the movement of lymph, sebaceous and sweat glands. This has a positive effect on the condition of the skin of the hands, because there are so few sebaceous glands in it, and therefore the skin there is the driest, and, therefore, unprotected. Self-massage of hands is useful not only for the skin, but also for restoring the working capacity of the hands, strengthening the joints and ligaments. It also helps relieve pain and swelling after injury. After prolonged physical exertion, when the hands are very tired, the best way to restore their strength is to massage. In general, it has a beneficial effect on the entire body.

Self-massage of handscan be done every time after a manicure, when hands are moisturized with cream or oil. The vegetable oil or cream is rubbed in lightly from the fingertips to the base, and then continue stroking to the wrist, elbow and up to the shoulder. It is necessary to massage the fingers and the hand especially carefully, because according to oriental medicine, all organs of the body are projected onto the hand, and by acting on certain biologically active points of the palm, we have a positive effect on the organs. Hand massage helps to regulate the work of all human systems and internal organs. It helps to get rid of fatigue, is effective as a preventive procedure for the treatment of various diseases. You can give a light and quick massage in the morning as you wake up to invigorate, in the afternoon to relieve fatigue, and in the evening to relax.

Please note that massage is contraindicated in those who have inflammatory or pustular skin lesions, cracks, wounds and abrasions on the skin. The women's magazine JustLady has already talked about what baths and masks can be made for the skin of hands with cracks and peeling. Use them, put your skin in order, and then you can massage.

Only by mastering the technique of self-massage, you need to monitor your feelings: massage should be moderately strong, but cause only pleasant sensations. There should be no discomfort, pain, and after the massage, in no case should there be bruises. Massage slowly to master the technique. In the morning, when you want to wake up and invigorate, do a more vigorous massage for 1-3 minutes, in the evening the massage should be deeper, lasting 5-10 minutes. To make it easier for you to massage your hands, lubricate your hands with vegetable oil - this will be a doubly useful procedure. Massage in a position where your hands are as relaxed as possible.

Self-massage technique for hands from JustLady magazine:

• Rubbing. Rub one palm against the other, gently massage the other with the back of your hand. In general, these movements should resemble hand washing: gentle, gentle stroking. The rubbing may become more vigorous after a few minutes.

• Warm up the joints. Slowly clench your fingers into a fist, then unclench the same slowly, repeat 10 times. Do the same exercise a second time, just open your fingers more forcefully. After that, begin to knead each joint of each finger: massage them in a circular motion. Make circular motions with each brush, alternately left and right. Then repeat the finger clenching and unclenching exercises again. Moving your fingers as if you were playing the piano is a very useful exercise.

• Finger massage. Begin with the index and thumb to carefully knead each finger from base to tip. In a circular motion, begin to massage the little finger, carefully kneading it from the first phalanx to the nail itself and back. Continue to massage the rest of your fingers lightly and freely.

• Palm massage. Gently knead the palm from fingers to wrist in a straight line. With the thumb we massage the palm, with the rest we stroke the brush from the back.

• Repeat the first exercise: three palms on one another.

• After that we start self-massage of the second brush.

• With the right palm, slowly begin to stroke the left hand on the inside from the palm to the armpit. Then we move our hand on the shoulder and stroke it from the shoulder to the back of the hand with stroking movements. Suchwe do self-massage of hands within 10 minutes. Inhale deeply when stroking the inside of the hand, and exhale when stroking the outside.

• Easy tapping. We repeat the previous exercise, only instead of stroking, we beat our hand along the massage lines. Bend on the outside with the edge of the palm.

• By the same principle, we perform pinching from the palms to the armpit and back, grabbing not only the skin, but also pinching and flexing the muscles. Repeat 10 movements on each hand.

• Finishing the hand massage, put your hands down and shake them several times until they completely relax.

Hand massage is much more pleasant to do if you use a mixture of vegetable and essential oils. You can read about how to compose it in the women's online magazine JustLady.

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