❶ How To Increase Nail Growth

❶ How To Increase Nail Growth
❶ How To Increase Nail Growth

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How to increase nail growth
How to increase nail growth

The growth of the nail plate is carried out by increasing the number of dead cells that make up the nail. On average, fingernails grow at a rate of 1 mm per week. To accelerate their growth, you need to properly care for them. Location: Location: To prevent nails from flaking and breaking, use rubber gloves when in contact with detergents containing harmful chemicals. Healthy nails grow faster, so you should pay special attention to their health and nutrition.

If the nails begin to break, then the body lacks calcium. Eat cottage cheese, dairy products, fish, and leafy vegetables. It is important that you have a lot of iron-rich foods in your diet. Eat meat dishes, legumes, dried fruits, soy products.

If you decide to take calcium tablets, do not forget that it must be fortified with vitamin D, otherwise the body will not absorb it. You can get your own calcium of animal origin. Dry the washed eggshells, break them finely and heat them in a frying pan. Then grind into a powder and add a teaspoon of grated eggshells to food once a day. The course of admission is two weeks.

Monitor your diet, trying to include as many fresh vegetables and fruits as possible. Slow nail growth often indicates a lack of vitamins in the body, so you should consult a doctor and find out which vitamins are missing. Most often, there is not enough vitamin E for nail growth, so you need to purchase it at the pharmacy and rub it into the cuticle daily.

It is possible to increase the elasticity of nails and stimulate their growth by using essential oils. For example, rubbing lemon essential oil into the cuticle can activate blood circulation in the root area of ​​the nail plate, which will lead to faster nail growth.

Finger massage helps to speed up nail growth. As a result of the massage procedure, nutrients reach the nail matrix faster, which forms the plate.

Use cuticle oil. It is able to nourish the nails while preventing the formation of burrs.

The most common method to accelerate nail growth is through regular restorative treatments, masks and protective coatings. For example, paraffin therapy helps nourish the nail plate, moisturize it and increase blood circulation in the cuticle area.

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