❶ How To Enlarge Breasts Without Plastic Surgery

❶ How To Enlarge Breasts Without Plastic Surgery
❶ How To Enlarge Breasts Without Plastic Surgery

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How to enlarge breasts without plastic surgery
How to enlarge breasts without plastic surgery

Modern plastic surgery can do a lot. The owner of small breasts can get a luxurious bust. However, it is expensive and not too safe for health. Is it possible to enlarge breasts without surgery? Location: Location: The breast can be enlarged visually by choosing the right bra. But, this will not affect the shape and size. But with the help of physical exercises, you can tighten the muscles of the chest and make the posture royal. Then the skin of the breast will be tightened, it will become more elastic and elastic. By strengthening and building the muscles of the chest, you can visually make the chest larger and taller.

These exercises are very simple. Every woman can do them.

Lie on your back, it is better to use a gym bench. Feet should be on the floor. Pick up dumbbells. Their weight should not exceed 1 kg. Spreading your elbows, raise your arms up.

Roll over onto your stomach. Stretch your legs. Take the dumbbells and lower your arms so that the dumbbells touch the floor. Raise your arms to the sides without bending them.

Stand up and place your feet shoulder-width apart. Take a dumbbell with one hand. Lower your arm down with the weight, then lift it to your chest, bringing your elbow back. For this exercise, you can take 2 kg dumbbells. Repeat with the other hand.

Take two-kilogram dumbbells in both hands. Palms up. Bring your arms to your shoulders. Bend your elbows.

Stand against the wall, rest your hands on it. Do push-ups, trying to touch the surface of the wall with your chest and strongly arch your back.

Do 5-6 reps for each exercise. The frequency of classes is 3-4 times a week.

After completing the complex, take a shower, you can contrast. Finish with cold water. Gently massage your breasts from your armpits to your nipples.

Cosmetics and dietary supplements cannot make breasts bigger. In the best case, you can improve its tone and make the skin smooth. However, that's fine too.

A confident woman is always attractive. Even if her breasts are not as big as she would like. The main thing is to love yourself and look in the mirror with a smile.

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