❶ The Main Rules For Toning The Skin Of The Face

❶ The Main Rules For Toning The Skin Of The Face
❶ The Main Rules For Toning The Skin Of The Face

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The main rules for toning facial skin
The main rules for toning facial skin

Toning is the use of products that create and even out the complexion. To hide minor skin imperfections, a properly selected toner will help. For it to do its job, you need to know how to apply it. Location: Location:

Makeup is best done in daylight. This will allow you to see all possible errors. Before using the foundation, apply a day cream to your face and let it absorb. Remove residues with a paper towel.

Apply the foundation to the middle of the cheeks in dots, then gently rub from the center to the periphery. To keep the paint smooth, do not put large amounts of cream on your face.

In summer, it is recommended to use tonal products with a UV protection degree of 8 or higher. It will protect the skin from dryness and premature aging.

Apply the tonal compact powder with a cosmetic sponge. Rub in the powder, but do not smear in different directions so as not to stretch the skin.

Pay attention to the material from which the sponge is made. Give preference to those made from natural rubber. Large-pore sponges absorb a lot of cream, so the paint is uneven. To prevent bacteria from growing on the sponge, wash it in warm soapy water after use, rinse and dry.

For a natural looking complexion, mix a small amount of foundation and an equal amount of moisturizer on the outside of your hand. Apply the mixture to your face with a sponge. The skin will acquire an even light shade.

The border on the chin between the painted and unpainted areas can be hidden by spreading the foundation with a damp sponge down the neck.

After toning your face, hide small pimples and spots with a concealer pencil or concealer cream for problem skin areas. Apply the product in a very thin layer, rub it into the skin with a patting motion, then blot with a damp sponge so that there are no color transitions.

To hide under-eye circles, use a foundation designed specifically for that part of your face.

After applying the foundation, blot the areas of the face bordering the hair and the lower areas of the chin and cheeks with a paper towel.

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