❶ Makeup And Cosmetics For Problem Skin

❶ Makeup And Cosmetics For Problem Skin
❶ Makeup And Cosmetics For Problem Skin

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Makeup and cosmetics for problem skin
Makeup and cosmetics for problem skin

At all times, there were ideals of beauty. In the days of romances and lush crinolines, the girl was considered a beauty, having only white, completely unburned skin. But modern women of fashion spend hours in tanning salons in pursuit of a bronze tint on the body. But despite the time, fashion and tastes, no one has ever liked pimples and blackheads. This problem has become especially urgent in our modern world, since dirty city air is far from the best effect on the skin. Location: Location:

Problem skin is unpleasant, but, as they say, not fatal. Nowadays, there are a huge number of products for the care and treatment of problem skin.

The first and most important thing for a person with problem skin is daily cleansing. Every morning and evening, you need to wash your face using products for problem skin. Some of these products can dry out the skin, which in no case should happen, as it will begin to flake off. Try to choose a gel or foam for yourself, after which you will not feel tight skin. The choice of a skin cleaner is a purely individual exercise. Everyone's skin is different and the remedy that worked a miracle on your friend's face may not work for you. If possible, buy a probe first. When choosing cosmetics, focus not on price or advertising, but on what type of skin the product is suitable for. Don't buy products that are not suitable for your skin type.

Another very important skin cleanser is a scrub. For problem skin, "fine-grained" scrubs are suitable; they should be used 1-2 times a week. They should also be designed for problem skin.

Pay attention to folk remedies. Using them, you spend less money, moreover, your skin is not attacked by chemicals. For example, a strawberry scrub is an excellent cleanser (you just need to crush a few strawberries and massage this mass on your face). Another useful property of a natural strawberry scrub is that it can help heal small wounds, as strawberries are a natural antiseptic. You can also make a scrub based on fresh cucumbers with the addition of some small cereals or crushed oatmeal. Basically, acne is a problem for people with oily skin. Clay scrubs work very well for this type of skin; they dry out the skin and tighten the pores. After applying the scrub, the face must be treated with a tonic that helps to narrow the pores.If we talk about folk remedies, then many people believe that the famous cucumber lotion is the best cleanser. And it's hard to argue with that. After all, it is not for nothing that the first generation has used this natural remedy.

When choosing decorative cosmetics, it is also necessary to give preference to the one created for oily or problem skin - it contains components that stop the inflammatory process. These should be products with a light texture that will not clog pores. Do not get too carried away with toning and matting agents. They very much clog the pores, prevent the skin from breathing, as a result of which the inflammation increases and black dots appear. It is better to use powder and mask blackheads with special matting pencils. They contain antibacterial agents and reduce inflammation.

If we talk about the rules for applying makeup for girls with problem skin, the main recommendations of makeup artists are as follows:

- emphasize the eyes more than the lips;

- use muted shades for the eyes; lipstick should have a neutral, delicate color;

- use powder instead of foundation;

- use a green corrector (specially for masking acne);

- do not use blush.

The most important rule for all ladies, and especially for those with problem skin, be sure to wash off makeup before bed.

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