❶ Rules For Acupressure Of The Face

❶ Rules For Acupressure Of The Face
❶ Rules For Acupressure Of The Face

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Rules for acupressure face
Rules for acupressure face

Facial treatment is not only daily cleansing, moisturizing and nourishing of the skin, but also exercises for the muscles of the face and massage. Only everything in the complex has a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin. Acupressure massage is very effective for keeping youth and attractiveness for many years. Location: Location: Of course, it is better to entrust your face to a specialist, but it is not at all difficult to learn the rules of massage yourself.

The intensive course is designed for 3 weeks, all exercises must be performed daily. After an intensive course, it is enough to repeat the massage two to three times a week to maintain the achieved result. Before the massage, it is recommended to cleanse your face using milk and tonic, and lightly grease your fingers with olive oil.

Most often, two techniques of acupressure face massage are used: Japanese and Asian. Massage is carried out with the pads of three fingers - index, middle and ring. Each area should be applied for no more than three minutes, without pressing or stretching the skin. The sensation of exposure should be somewhere between pleasure and pain.

This massage effect is explained by the activation of biologically active points of the face and the stimulation of blood flow to the fingertips and face. The nerve endings in the fingers are connected to the brain, so stimulating them helps improve brain function. It is no coincidence that little children are recommended to massage their fingers, and in the east they constantly touch beads or twirl massage balls in their hands.

Japanese acupressure shiatsu begins with a gentle tap around the eye area in a drum-like manner. Then you need to smooth the skin of the forehead from the eyebrows to the bangs and then go to the cheeks: from the nose to the temples, from the corners of the lips to the ears and from the chin to the ears. It is enough to repeat each movement 7 times, and you can expect the result.

Asian acupressure consists of stroking, circular and patting movements of the fingertips. Muscle tension is relieved in a circular motion, then all wrinkles are smoothed out, and blood flow is caused by tapping. The direction of movement is as follows: from the middle of the forehead to the temples and to the corners of the mouth, then the area around the eyes is gently massaged from the bridge of the nose to the temples, and the massage is completed in the cheeks, from the temples to the nose and from the cheekbones to the chin.

Acupressure facial massage promotes rapid recovery of facial skin cells, and, consequently, getting rid of wrinkles, age spots and dark circles under the eyes.

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