❶ Chin Massage

❶ Chin Massage
❶ Chin Massage
Chin massage
Chin massage

Women spend a lot of time and energy in order to preserve their beauty and youth. Self-care consists of several simple procedures that help to eliminate various skin defects, as well as cope with its problem areas. Most often, the fairer sex has to deal with a double chin. Moreover, its appearance can simply be prevented. Location: Location:

Chin massage is great for tightening the skin, strengthening the muscles and can prevent the appearance of a double chin.

Place three fingers of both hands in front of your ears. Then use your thumbs to gently stroke from the middle of the chin to the sides.

Place the fingers of your left hand under your left ear, then use the index and middle fingers of your other hand to form "scissors", and then clamp the chin with them. Then, with a light movement, slide the "scissors" along the chin to the right ear. The chin should be between the toes at all times. Then change the position of your hands: put the fingers of your right hand under the ear, and with the fingers of your left hand form "scissors". Repeat these sliding movements 5 times in each direction.

To make the stroking as gentle as possible, simply place the back of your left hand under your chin and your chin between the middle and index fingers of your other hand.

After that, again fix the fingers of the left hand to the ear, and then with all four fingers of the right hand, gently slide in the area located under the chin to the left ear and vice versa.

Next, press the skin at the very base of the ear with one hand, put the other on the chin so that the thumb is at the top of the chin, and the rest of the fingers are under the chin. Use these fingers to stroke the chin in the opposite direction from the hand pressing the skin. Then change the position of your hands.

Then place the fist of either hand under the chin. In this case, with the middle and ring fingers of the second hand, stroke the chin to the lower lip - from the bottom up.

Now place your middle and index fingers on your chin, and with the index finger of your other hand, bent down, from the tip of the chin towards the neck.

Such massage actions must be performed every day, preferably in the morning and evening.