❶ Makeup Artist Tips: How To Clean Up

❶ Makeup Artist Tips: How To Clean Up
❶ Makeup Artist Tips: How To Clean Up

Video: ❶ Makeup Artist Tips: How To Clean Up

Video: ❶ Makeup Artist Tips: How To Clean Up
Video: How To Be A Clean, Hygienic Makeup Artist | During Covid-19 & Always! 2023, December
Makeup Artist Tips: How to Clean Up
Makeup Artist Tips: How to Clean Up

Anything can happen in life. Sometimes a tiny pimple can ruin a long-awaited date, and a wind-blown hairstyle can ruin business negotiations. To be prepared for the most difficult situation, use the advice of makeup artists. Location: Location:

Problem: Swelling after drinking.

Alcohol builds up excess moisture in the upper layer of the epidermis, especially under the eyes. Use cold compresses or rubbing with ice cubes to reduce swelling. It is better if the composition includes drainage agents such as extracts of flax, celandine or seaweed. Alternatively, try a grated raw potato mask.

Problem: circles under the eyes from lack of sleep.

Brew two tea bags, cool in the refrigerator and hold them in front of your eyes for 10 minutes. This will narrow nearby vessels and reduce blue discoloration. Then apply a lightening cream with cucumber or chamomile extracts to your eyelids. You can also apply a gel with reflective particles. The yellow corrector neutralizes blue. Use the tried and tested make-up trick - a bright white dot in the outer corner of the eye will distract attention from bruises.

Problem: Irritation from male stubble.

After passionate kisses, a milk compress will help. In 10 minutes, it will soothe the skin and eliminate redness. If the skin is flaky, lightly steam it and dry your face with a terry towel. Then apply a foundation with reflective particles. It will perfectly mask imperfections, but will not create a plaster effect.

Problem: a pimple in the most prominent place.

Apply vasoconstrictor nasal or eye drops such as Vizin or Galazolin to a cotton swab. Apply to pimple for 30 seconds. Redness will go away due to vasospasm. The method is good, but short-lived - it helps no more than an hour and a half. Cover up the pimple with makeup. Use your finger to rub the greenish concealer into your skin. Wait for it to dry, apply a second coat and powder.

Problem: Rash after salon procedures or irritation from cosmetics.

For severe redness, apply hydrocortisone ointment to the irritation. Use it carefully and only in an emergency. Despite being sold freely in pharmacies, it is a strong hormonal drug. Switch to cosmetics for sensitive skin immediately. Do not wash your face with tap water to avoid aggravating the allergic reaction.

Problem: You plucked too many hairs while shaping your eyebrows.

Draw the desired outline with a light eyebrow pencil, add small strokes and thus imitate natural hairs. Apply brown or dark gray shadows over the points with a thin brush.

Problem: Eyes are red from crying.

When correcting makeup after tears, do not apply purple, pink or purple shades. They will only accentuate the redness. It is better to take a gold or beige tone. Apply Blue drops or Visine to your eyes. They make the protein clearer and cleaner.

Problem: you overdid it with makeup, and there is no time to make a new one.

Remove excess tone and blush with a slightly damp makeup sponge. Blot your lips with a napkin, then cover with a transparent gloss. Too bright eyebrows can be corrected with foundation.