❶ How To Make Your Complexion Beautiful

❶ How To Make Your Complexion Beautiful
❶ How To Make Your Complexion Beautiful

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How to make your complexion beautiful
How to make your complexion beautiful

Some women notice that the skin of the face has taken on a not very beautiful shade. Some people want it to be velvety and delicate, the color is even and radiant. And, in general, there is nothing difficult in achieving an excellent result without resorting to any cosmetics. Location: Location: In order for your face to have a beautiful color that your friends would envy, you need to seriously take on yourself.

Get enough sleep. The great Chanel (and she already knew a lot about beauty) said: "What did you see so interesting after ten in the morning?" And she always went to bed before midnight, devoting at least eight or nine hours a day to sleep. And, mind you - the older you get, the more harmful to your complexion even a single lack of sleep, not to mention chronic lack of sleep. If you don't get enough sleep, go to bed after midnight, bruises will inevitably appear under the eyes, the skin will become pale or sallow, and every wrinkle will be more noticeable. It is advisable to sleep with an open window (or, in extreme cases, in a well-ventilated area).

In addition, it is imperative to spend time outdoors as often as possible, and spend it actively - spend at least forty minutes every day on the street, jogging or at least walking at a brisk pace. From this, a natural glow will appear, the face will be more fresh.

Eat right - less fatty, spicy, smoked, salty, fried and sweet. From the above, there are acne, allergic rashes, the manifestation of the vascular network, and excess weight. Eat steamed foods: meat and fish, more vegetables and fruits. And no strict diets! From this, the skin becomes flabby and mealy, and the eyes fall through.

Don't limit yourself to liquids. Drink enough water, preferably mineral water, herbal teas, natural juices. And less sweet tea and coffee.

Don't smoke or limit yourself to alcohol. Do not be zealous in the desire to sunbathe - you have probably heard about the harm of direct sunlight. A light golden tan is great, but remember to use sunscreen.

Never go to bed without removing your makeup. Do not use soap and water, but a mild cleanser.

Learn to do a toning and relaxing facial massage yourself. In the morning, rub your face with ice cubes. You can freeze the parsley broth or water with lemon.

A couple of times a week, exfoliate your face with a gentle scrub, and apply masks that suit your skin type. And smile - a sweet smile will highlight your strengths and hide your flaws.

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