How To Add Volume To Your Hair

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How To Add Volume To Your Hair
How To Add Volume To Your Hair

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How to add volume to your hair
How to add volume to your hair

Hair is the adornment of any woman, and that is why people spend so much effort on maintaining the beauty and health of their hair. Some naturally have thick and voluminous hairstyles, but these people are few, so most have to increase the volume of their hair in a variety of ways. Learn how to create voluminous hair in this article. Location: Location:

You will need

comb, hair spray, hairdryer

The main source of beautiful volume is competent styling. To keep the styling longer and be the most beautiful, do it one day after washing your hair. Form a zigzal-shaped parting and use a comb to move a strand of small thickness to the hair roots several times in a row to create volume, then fix the result with varnish. Do the same with the rest of your hair.

If you don't feel like styling your hair with a comb and hairspray, you can use the old and proven method - braid many small braids on wet hair. After braiding the braids, the hair acquires a beautiful wavy texture and becomes more voluminous. Sometimes this method can replace light perm.

Alternatively, you can use the bouffant technique, doing it very carefully so that your hair doesn't look messy. Don't go overboard with the fleece and don't forget to use a hair dryer - when drying wet hair, it is easy to achieve increased volume by directing the air jet against hair growth.

If you use methods of increasing hair volume often enough, remember to alternate between them. Using often the same method, you risk being left without effect - the hair will get used to the new position and the volume will disappear. To prevent this from happening, use one by one different methods of creating a hairstyle so that the hair does not always fall down along one path.

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