❶ How To Apply Black Polish

❶ How To Apply Black Polish
❶ How To Apply Black Polish

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How to apply black varnish
How to apply black varnish

In the fashion season in the spring and summer of this year, the leaders are: Coco Chanel's style manicure, which was inspired by makeup stylists in her spirit, and “moon” manicure. The "lunar" style has changed a bit since last year - a dark hole is required in this, while the main shade of the nail is lighter. The top is also highlighted in black, so that there are two holes - at the top and bottom of the nail. Moon manicure is almost always present at the shows of the Dior fashion house. Chanel's style is distinguished by not too long, square nails of dark brown or black color, in which the hole is treated with a metallic sheen. When you look at your nails, you see, as it were, gorgeous stones set in precious colored metal. Location: Location:

Shaping your nail is the first thing to do before applying varnish. It can be square, round, oval. All funds are applied to the prepared nail according to the scheme - first the tip is covered, and then the entire surface, from the base to the end of the nail, leveling the layer.

Depending on the condition of the nails, choose a "base" - a coating that protects the nail from penetration of pigment into it, evens the surface of the nail plate, makes it stronger. For brittle or soft, cracking, thin, flaking nails, you need a base with vitamins.

For a smooth, perfect varnishing, the base coat alone is not enough. Severely damaged nail plates can be smoothed out with a nail polisher, first applying a grainy coat and then a fine coat for final polishing.

There is also a "grandmother's" method for the same purpose - sprinkle a piece of flannel or suede with a mixture of talc, boric acid and starch, taken in equal parts. On such a leveled surface, the varnish will lie smoother and last longer (however, it must be borne in mind that from frequent polishing the nail becomes thinner and becomes brittle).

To keep the varnish even stronger, it should be fixed with a special coating that prevents cracking. Such products usually speed up the drying of the varnish or give a "brilliant" shine. Protectors (protective fluids) can also be used as an independent coating for brittle and thin nails. When using a fixative varnish, it is necessary to remember the difference between drying and drying the product - it is better not even to wash your hands for at least 1 hour, and it is even more desirable to avoid any other work.

The main problem with manicure is the lack of time for the varnish to dry. Washable (for each layer) and indelible (at the end of all procedures) means to accelerate drying help to solve it. It is always necessary to allow a little time (about 10 minutes) to dry each individual layer, since a thin film of a base base, varnish or protective coating dries faster than a multi-layer one. It is easy to determine the degree of drying of the layer: you need to knock your nails against each other - if the sound is "bone", sonorous, then the coating is completely dry. An important note - you should not dry your nails with a hair dryer, because hot air creates a roughness, turbidity of the varnish, it dries with bubbles and unevenly.

Here are some examples of using black in nail design:

Paint the entire nails black, and then with nail polish remover remove some of the darkness in the center of the nail plate, leaving the polish intact at the end and at the cuticle. To paint on top with any color you like is a very interesting option.

Over a thick layer of light varnish (red or silver), about a minute after application, paint over with black. After the black varnish has completely dried with a cotton swab and nail polish remover, gently wipe the top layer until the bottom color appears.

For long nails, the contrasting color of the lower (palm side) part of the nail looks great. Black nails with silver are effective for people who gesticulate or dance a lot. Take special care to avoid getting polish on the skin-to-nail joint.

You can use a combination of silver over black varnish in another interesting way. Apply eyeshadow color "metallic" to the still wet varnish and top with a transparent top after the previous layer has dried.

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