❶ How To Lighten Dark Hair Color

❶ How To Lighten Dark Hair Color
❶ How To Lighten Dark Hair Color

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How to lighten dark hair
How to lighten dark hair

You have dark hair. Do you really want to be blonde? Nothing is impossible. There are three main ways to lighten dark hair at home. The easiest way to lighten dark hair is with hydrogen peroxide. Location: Location: Prepare a solution of hydrogen peroxide at a concentration that will lighten your original hair color. The darker the hair and the lighter the expected shade, the higher the concentration of peroxide. In addition, the final result depends on the hair structure and the duration of the dyeing process. For lightening thick and coarse hair, hydrogen peroxide with a concentration of 8-12% is suitable. For hair of medium thickness, it is better to choose peroxide of 6% concentration. Fine hair is best lightened with 4-8% peroxide.

Do not forget that porous hair should be lightened with a weaker peroxide solution. In addition, a high concentration solution can cause scalp burns.

Do not prepare the peroxide solution in advance. It is recommended to do this just before the lightening procedure. Prepare the solution as follows: take 30 g of water, 40 g of hydrogen peroxide, 20 g of liquid soap and 1 tsp. bicarbonate of ammonium. Mix all components. It is better to prepare a little more solution. After all, if the coloring composition is not enough, you will have to prepare another portion. As a result, the hair will be colored unevenly, and may even be completely damaged.

Apply the solution all over the hair, starting at the back of the head. Treat the hair at the roots last. Indeed, in this part, the lightening occurs faster due to the effect of the heat generated by the skin.

Do not wash your hair before lightening. The more fatty they are, the less they will be negatively affected by peroxide. It used to be that for a better result, you need to put a hat on your head and wrap it with a towel. Do not do this, as you can burn your skin and ruin your hair.

Before applying the composition, lubricate the forehead near the hairline with a fat cream or regular petroleum jelly. Use gloves to protect your hands. After the clarification time has elapsed, wash your hair thoroughly and rinse with water and vinegar or citric acid.

The above procedure will help to lighten hair by 2 tones. If the result does not suit you, then repeat the procedure after 2 weeks, but not earlier, so as not to damage the hair structure.

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