❶ Breast Enlargement Without Surgery: Myth Or Truth?

❶ Breast Enlargement Without Surgery: Myth Or Truth?
❶ Breast Enlargement Without Surgery: Myth Or Truth?

Video: ❶ Breast Enlargement Without Surgery: Myth Or Truth?

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Breast enlargement without surgery: myth or truth?
Breast enlargement without surgery: myth or truth?

Many girls are unhappy with the size of their breasts. But not everyone dares to do an operation to increase it. Most people are interested in the question of whether it is really possible to enlarge breasts without surgery. Let's try to understand. Location: Location:

To answer that question, you must first understand what the mammary gland is. It consists of different tissues: glandular, fatty, connective. The shape and elasticity of the breast is largely determined by the condition of the muscles, connective tissue, and blood supply. And the size depends on the ratio of the volumes of the glandular and adipose tissues, as well as on the sensitivity to estrogen.

So, what are the ways to help women who are complex because of their breast size? The most common method is a set of exercises. But physical activity can only add volume to muscles. And there are no muscles in the breast. But they are in the chest. And if the muscles are strong and strong, then they make the chest elevated, which visually increases it.

Massage for breast augmentation is also common. It is offered in beauty salons, but you can do it yourself. There are several types of such massage: acupressure, hydromassage, hardware with the help of vibrating massagers or breast pumps, manual stimulation of erogenous zones of the breast.

If you do massage correctly, then any of the above varieties will have a more or less beneficial effect on the chest. As for whether it will increase as a result of massage, it is doubtful. The procedure causes blood flow, as a result of which the breast swells slightly. But this is only a temporary effect.

Phytoestrogen is very fashionable now. But is it safe? Phytoestrogen is a substance similar to female sex hormones produced by some plant species, such as hops, flax, and soy. True, the activity of the human hormone is several thousand times higher. However, it does not help to increase the breast for everyone, the effect depends on the individual characteristics of the organism.

From the foregoing, one conclusion can be drawn: breast augmentation without surgery is possible, but it will be insignificant and short in time.

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