❶ How To Make Your Skin Perfect

❶ How To Make Your Skin Perfect
❶ How To Make Your Skin Perfect

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How to make your face perfect
How to make your face perfect

Perfect skin is a generous gift from nature. Every girl dreams of owning her. If you follow certain rules for skin care, you can make this desire come true. Skin care will certainly require time and attention from you, but then the skin will delight you with freshness and beauty. Location: Location:

You can make your face perfect if you devote enough time to beauty procedures. All skin care treatments can be done at home. The modern choice of cosmetics also provides great opportunities for self-care.

The main rule must be taken into account: always wash off makeup before bed. If you leave the mascara on your lashes overnight, one day they will start to fall out more. So is the skin: it must breathe at night.

Make it a rule to wash your face at night using a mild lotion or facial gel that has a pH level close to neutral. If your skin is too dry or sensitive, it is best to avoid using tap water. In this case, it is better to wash your face with distilled water.

Healthy skin cleans itself, but regular use of scrubs helps exfoliate dead skin cells. Choose a scrub that contains plastic granules instead of ground shells and other coarse abrasives. If your skin is sensitive, choose a scrub that is suitable for daily use. A gentle scrub or gommage can be used more often than a regular scrub. Massage your face with a scrub or gommage, do not try to rub it in.

Please note that in case of skin inflammation, it is not recommended to use a scrub. Acne must be treated first so that the infection does not spread all over the face.

The skin needs regular hydration and nutrition. Apply a moisturizer or vitamin cream to your face an hour before bed. Do this with gentle, patting movements. If your skin shows signs of dehydration during the day (dullness, flaking, fine wrinkles), use a day cream. Also, the necessary level of skin moisture can be maintained by spraying your face with thermal water from a spray can from time to time.

Use masks once or twice a week to deeply cleanse your pores. Oily skin is well cleaned by film masks. Dry skin needs a more gentle cleansing - choose a creamy clay or peat mask for yourself. After using the mask, wash yourself thoroughly and wipe your skin with toning lotion. It refines the skin by visually shrinking pores.

In addition to cleansing, moisturizing and nourishing the skin, nutrition and daily routine also affect its tone. Eat more vegetables and fruits, drink more clean water. Walking regularly will give your face a light, healthy glow.

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