❶ Paint Over Wrinkles

❶ Paint Over Wrinkles
❶ Paint Over Wrinkles

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Paint over the wrinkles
Paint over the wrinkles

Wrinkles are one of the inevitable signs of age-related changes in our skin. To stay young and beautiful longer, we buy expensive creams, sign up for procedures at the clinic. And of course, we use makeup to help us hide wrinkles. It should be noted right away that not every makeup can make a face visually younger. It often happens that incorrectly or excessively applied decorative cosmetics only enhances the age-related effect. Location: Location:

There are several rules for applying makeup to hide wrinkles. Firstly, any makeup applied to unkempt skin will only emphasize age, so do not neglect daily care, use scrubs and peels, and moisturize your skin.

Before using the tone, a silicone filler or a leveling base can be applied to deep wrinkles. The foundation applied on top of such products will lie flat and wrinkles will not be visible.

The next important rule: do not use foundation darker than your skin. One tone lighter - ten years younger. Of course, you don't need to bleach your skin either. But the light foundation will leave your skin rested, radiant, filled with freshness and youth. Also, older ladies are not recommended to overload the skin when applying a tone in the hope of masking imperfections. Not only will you not get the desired result, but you will also acquire another defect - wrinkles that appear as a result of clogging the foundation in them. For an even, natural complexion, purchase a foundation brush.

By the way, a concealer for the skin should also be light, better with pearlescent particles. They reflect light and make wrinkles less visible. This applies to both the skin around the eyes and the entire face. To avoid highlighting crow's feet around the eyes, apply corrector from the inner corner of the eye to the middle. Applied to the outer corner of the eye, the foundation will clog into wrinkles and only strengthen them. Better to put on more care product and let it absorb. Powder particles caught on this area during its application will do the corrective work.

To hide wrinkles on the movable upper eyelid, avoid using pearlescent or reflective eye shadows. Better to give preference to semi-matte or matte options.

Lips wrinkles help hide special wrinkle fillers and lip smoothing products with volumetric technology. As a rule, in their composition they contain either menthol or red pepper, which, irritating the skin of the lips, cause a rush of blood. Therefore, the lips appear plump and smoother. Gloss with reflective particles or moisturizing lipstick can also help hide wrinkles on your lips.

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