❶ How To Remove Corn

❶ How To Remove Corn
❶ How To Remove Corn

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How to remove a corn
How to remove a corn

A corns is a significant or slight thickening of the stratum corneum of the skin. As a rule, it appears under mechanical stress (prolonged pressure or friction). Location: Location: Removing calluses is necessary because they often cause discomfort and pain. And the cracks that appear are the habitat and reproduction of dangerous microbes. Most often, calluses appear on the feet, this occurs when wearing tight and uncomfortable shoes.

Watery calluses are the result of excessive sweating of the feet and improperly fitted shoes. The resulting bubble must be pierced with a thin needle, having previously disinfected, treated with brilliant green. And glue the plaster on top so that germs do not get into a fresh wound. After drying, the upper skin is easily removed.

Getting rid of corns with a vertical rod is a rather lengthy process. You can use insulating tape, with which the corn disappears completely (from the very base). It is necessary to endure the painful sensations and, when the tape dries, constantly apply a new piece.

A callus on the sole of the foot interferes with walking. To eliminate it, you need to do foot baths with the addition of Epsom salts. Regular performance of the procedure and scraping of the damaged foot with a piece of pumice stone is the key to a good result. After the bath, it is advisable to apply a greasy cream or petroleum jelly.

A fairly quick and painless removal of corns is burning them with liquid nitrogen. During the procedure, tissue cells die. Within a few days after cauterization, the damaged tissue dries up, and a new layer of young skin forms in its place.

Folk remedies for calluses:

- poultices of garlic and lard (chop the garlic, mix with a piece of lard and apply on the corn daily before bedtime)

- aloe (attach the cut aloe leaf with the fleshy side to the thickened part and secure with a plaster overnight)

- a compress from bread crumb (bread crumb must be moistened in vinegar, after which the resulting gruel should be applied to the corn daily for 5-7 days);

- a compress of potatoes and onions (grind raw potatoes, mix with onions and apply to damaged skin).

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