❶ How To Moisturize Lips

❶ How To Moisturize Lips
❶ How To Moisturize Lips

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How to moisturize your lips
How to moisturize your lips

The surface of the lips is very different in texture from the rest of the facial skin. Therefore, more careful care is needed. If the lips are not taken care of, they will begin to crack, bleed and flake off. To prevent this from happening, you should moisturize them with specially prepared masks. Location: Location: Before moisturizing your lips, you need to prepare them for such a procedure. Remove any dead skin cells with a regular lip scrub. Cooling agents are recommended in summer.

Cover your lips with a nourishing cream every night before bed. It is applied with a rubbing motion until completely absorbed. The following types of masks are ideal for moisturizing.

Moisturizing sour cream mask

Take one teaspoon of regular sour cream and add three or four drops of lemon juice and exactly the same amount of drops of vegetable oil to it. Spread the resulting mask in a thick layer on the lips and hold for about twenty minutes.

Fruit mask

Take a small apple, cut it in half and peel it. Grate a small piece and mix one teaspoon of the resulting mass with soft butter. The amount of oil should be no more than half a teaspoon. Rub the mixture thoroughly and apply to lips. After 15 minutes, the mask can be removed. The apple can be substituted with other fruits or vegetables. Ideal: banana, melon, apricot, watermelon, cucumber, gooseberry or beetroot.

Honey mask

Take one tablespoon of honey and mash it with half a tablespoon of pork fat, previously melted in a water bath. After mixing everything, transfer the mixture to a small bowl and refrigerate. This mask not only moisturizes the lips, but also nourishes them.

For chapped lips, the following mask is suitable.

Melt a teaspoon of beeswax in a water bath and add one teaspoon of cocoa to it. Without removing from the water bath, add a teaspoon of Vaseline and a tablespoon of chamomile broth. Mix everything and remove from the bath, whisk the ointment until it cools down with a mixer. The resulting mask is best applied at night and washed off only in the morning.

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