❶ Hair Styling Accessories

❶ Hair Styling Accessories
❶ Hair Styling Accessories

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Hair Styling Accessories
Hair Styling Accessories

To style your hair yourself, you cannot do without the necessary accessories designed for this purpose. It can be both cosmetic and technical styling products. Location: Location: Perhaps only very short hair can be freshened up with water and a comb, making a deliberate mess on the head. To create other hairstyles, you will need the following cosmetics.

Gel is a substance for imparting durability, wet effect. Most often used on short hair. The gel is good for smooth styling to add shine to ponytail hair.

Wax and lipstick are similar in function to gel. With these means, it is convenient to highlight the ends of short curls, smooth out the strands that come out of the tail.

Mousse is used to create volume on the head. It is applied to the root zone of slightly damp hair and, during drying with a hairdryer, give the desired shape to the hair.

Varnish is the most common remedy. The varnish should be used at the final stage of installation. It perfectly fixes even the most voluminous hairstyle, and it can be applied over mousse, gel or wax.

Among the technical styling accessories, the hottest iron and curling iron are the most popular. However, here you cannot do without a cosmetic moisturizer. Despite the ceramic surface of these accessories, there is no need to talk about their safety. A hair dryer is another device, in addition to drying, that performs a styling function. Contact with hot air or the hot surface of the appliance dries out the ends of the hair and negatively affects their healthy appearance. Therefore, a protective styling agent should be applied to each strand before any thermal effects.

Velcro curlers, bobbin sticks, soft boomerangs, etc. are much more harmless to the hair. Before curling, simply treat your hair with mousse or styling lotion, after removing it, comb the curls with your fingers.

And, of course, when creating a hairstyle, you cannot do without jewelry and auxiliary accessories: combs, brushes, elastic bands, hairpins, invisible hairpins, hairpins, headbands, ribbons, crocodiles, etc.

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