❶ The Hands Are The Eyes Of The Body

❶ The Hands Are The Eyes Of The Body
❶ The Hands Are The Eyes Of The Body

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The hands are the eyes of the body
The hands are the eyes of the body

Any movement of our hands during a conversation, no less than our eyes, can convey emotional experiences. This often looks even more eloquent. This effect has long been used not only in everyday life, but also in painting artistic portraits and playing on the stage of the theater. Leonardo da Vinci in his treatise argued that "the hands and arms in all their actions must reveal the intentions of the one who moves them." Location: Location:

The shape of the hand indicates the character of its owner. A tapered hand means strong and confident character. The oval shape of the brush indicates an impressionable and passionate character. Holders of a bony hand are cowardly and indecisive.

The position of the hand and fingers of a person complements the data on his character. A person does not think about how to put his hand, this is controlled by the subconscious. For example, a fist with a hidden thumb indicates secrecy. Such a person tries to hide his weaknesses, his shortcomings. He is uncommunicative, with a large number of complexes, he has no time to set a goal for himself - he is busy with everyday chores.

Shy and timid people tend to keep the hand slightly tense and rounded. Fingers are together, trembling a little. Such people start a business, but do not finish it.

Restrained people, in control of themselves and controlling their emotions, fold their fingers into a fist, while the thumb remains outside. It is difficult to understand such a person and it is difficult to find a common language with him. Honesty, integrity and decency are both positive and negative qualities of this person.

Anyone who avoids conflict and is too soft and sensitive holds the brush free, with fingers wide apart. It is easier for such people to agree than to object, about anything.

The owners of a relaxed and slightly open brush are sociable and sociable. Such people achieve success only with outside support.

Persistent people with fierce tendencies leave the hand straight with tightly clenched and tense fingers. There are no barriers for this type of people. It happens that after a long acquaintance, they slightly relax their fingers, which means that the negative in relation to others has faded into the background for a while.

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