❶ Laser Vaporization

❶ Laser Vaporization
❶ Laser Vaporization

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Laser vaporization
Laser vaporization

Many women are faced with such unpleasant diseases as all kinds of pathologies of the vagina, cervix, and external genital organs. Modern medicine suggests using a new progressive method called laser vaporization to treat such pathologies. Location: Location:

A method of treatment called laser vaporization is a procedure in which a laser beam is applied to an affected area of ​​tissue. The laser beam acts on cells with pathology and evaporates them. This method of treatment is not only modern and highly effective, but also absolutely safe. It can be successfully used to treat even nulliparous women.

When using this procedure, the focus of affected cells is completely destroyed. Due to the fact that the laser power can be strictly dosed, healthy tissues are not affected, and the effect is only on the diseased area.

The laser vaporization procedure is performed on an outpatient basis and takes no more than forty minutes. The procedure itself is absolutely painless for the patient and is carried out even without the use of local anesthesia. During laser vaporization, bleeding does not occur, since the affected vessels are sealed, therefore, there is no risk of blood poisoning. Laser vaporization does not cause the formation of scars and scar tissue, and complete healing of the affected areas occurs in three to four weeks.

Before the procedure, it is required to undergo a number of necessary examinations and pass several tests. The list of studies is approved individually for each patient, depending on the disease she suffers from.

After the procedure, there is a possibility of slight pain in the lower abdomen. During rehabilitation, sex life is limited for a month, weight lifting, it is forbidden to visit the sauna and bath. About seven to ten days after the procedure, bloody discharge may appear from the genital tract. To track the healing and rehabilitation process, some time after the procedure, you need to undergo an examination and consult with your doctor.

The laser vaporization procedure has several contraindications - various inflammations, polyps, severe dysplasia and cervical cancer.

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