❶ How To Turn Into A Beauty

❶ How To Turn Into A Beauty
❶ How To Turn Into A Beauty

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How to turn into a beauty
How to turn into a beauty

At some point in her life, a woman wants to look like a real beauty. The first date with a man, a wedding and other significant events should take place at a high level, they should not be overshadowed by anxiety about appearance. In a few days, you can manage to turn from an ordinary girl into a Hollywood beauty, but you cannot do without cash investments. Location: Location: You need to plan your upcoming events so you don't overlook anything. Look at yourself impartially - at your face and hair, at your body. No need to find fault with trifles. Check only what you can actually change in a few days. Take your photos and compare with the ideal image. Just remember that an exact copy will not work, your task is to maximize your appearance in a short time.

Start by heading to a beauty salon to clean up your skin. Wrapping procedures such as chocolate or seaweed are effective. These products will have a moisturizing, anti-cellulite and exfoliating effect, strengthen the body's immunity.

Drink plenty of pure water or green tea. These drinks will improve skin color and reduce appetite. After a week, you will notice a beneficial effect.

Go to a dental clinic to get your teeth treated and whitened. Your dazzling smile will be a powerful weapon in conquering a man.

Find the right diet for you. In a week, you can lose 3-4 kilograms, which will allow you to put on a stunning evening dress. Be sure to exclude all sweet, salty, spicy and flour foods from your diet. Avoid drinking any alcohol. If you smoke, think about how you would get rid of this addiction.

Facial skin problems such as fine wrinkles, uneven tone, age spots can be solved by chemical peeling. Give your body a light tan in a tanning salon or with a quality self-tanner.

Get a trendy haircut or new hairstyle from a good master. At the same time, you can get rid of some hair problems. Therefore, it is better to visit a large hairdressing salon, where you will be offered remedies for hair and healing procedures.

Depilation with wax will make your legs perfectly smooth and soft. But do not do these manipulations immediately before the event, as temporary redness may appear on the skin.

Cleanse your face thoroughly every day, and don't forget about a moisturizer. Apply a light lotion to the body to keep the skin toned.

Sign up for a makeup artist-cosmetologist workshop to master the process of creating the perfect makeup that will complete your transformation into a real beauty.

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