Good Cosmetics - Expensive Cosmetics?

Good Cosmetics - Expensive Cosmetics?
Good Cosmetics - Expensive Cosmetics?

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Good cosmetics - expensive cosmetics?
Good cosmetics - expensive cosmetics?

Before buying cosmetics, many women think about purchasing the best one, suitable in quality and price. But spending a lot of money on skin care and looking like a well-groomed woman is not quite the same thing. Often, colorful ads and common stereotypes get in the way of choosing the right cosmetics. Location: Location: Someone smart said a long time ago that good cannot be cheap. There is some truth in this statement. After all, only natural raw materials should be used for the best product, which is more expensive than chemical additives. But at the same time, there are some trade secrets that not everyone knows about.

First you need to be aware of the pitfalls of advertising. Each advertising gimmick is designed for human weaknesses: greed, envy, the desire to match and even stand out, the desire to please men, laziness, love for beautiful things, faith in authority, respect for clever words, economic illiteracy, curiosity, a tendency to experiment and faith in miracles … And the female psyche is very malleable.

For example, there is a great temptation to make a purchase if, in addition to the supplement, the manufacturer gives “free” 30% of the product, which the packaging of the product “shouts” about. Or they show on TV how a “smart” customer started using “miracle cream” and a week later she became a stunning beauty.

Numerous commercials offer super-systems for rejuvenation, "magic" means to quickly get rid of cellulite without any hassle, breast enlargement cream, etc. All of these gadgets come in shiny, colorful packaging. Respected artists, specialists from beauty institutes, dermatologists and dentists speak competently about them from the screen.

We must try to be critical of advertising. First, an advertising campaign costs a lot of money. If a manufacturer spends heavily on promoting his products, then he pays for his costs by adding an additional addition to the cost of the product. Moreover, when shopping, you need to control yourself and remember the hidden influence of advertising.

Glossy catalogs of cosmetics, which are distributed by consultants, are especially colorful. Usually, there is a triple price mark in catalogs, since cosmetics go through at least two intermediaries-distributors. But the manufacturers of cosmetics in this case, too, should not be left without income. So there is a big overpayment.

To buy useful and high-quality products, you need to read reviews about cosmetics on the forums. It is there that you can find out the whole truth without embellishment. But we must take into account that there is also a place for advertising. Imported cosmetic products are always ahead of domestic ones in price. But this speaks not so much about the quality as about the need to justify the money for the transportation of the products.

Natural cosmetics are usually domestic. Since the introduction of modern technologies, our country is significantly behind European countries. That is why it is believed to be the healthiest for the skin. It is important here to pay attention to the shelf life of the product, as well as the ingredients.

For example, lecithin and albumin are not at all capable of, as advertised, "push out wrinkles from the inside." They only form a film on the skin, which creates the appearance of wrinkle straightening. When washed off, the effect disappears.

Another trick is the statement that precious metals are added to the cream, which have a beneficial effect on the skin. This cannot be true, as gold, platinum and silver cannot interact with the skin. Such expensive creams usually have a reflection-shimmering effect that helps to hide imperfections.

Hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin are essential constituents of human skin. With age, there is a lack of them. And unscrupulous manufacturers write that the cream contains one or all three ingredients in pure form. In truth, only formulations containing them can be added to the cream. They can be called, for example, "vegetable elastin" or "collagen hydrolyzate".

In general, you shouldn't overpay for a "fairy tale" and for brands. The only way to slow down the aging process of the skin is to regularly moisturize and nourish the skin with high-quality, not expensive cosmetics.

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