❶ Aquarium Nail Design

❶ Aquarium Nail Design
❶ Aquarium Nail Design

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Aquarium nail design
Aquarium nail design

There are a lot of varieties of manicure currently. The aquarium design has become very popular among female representatives - a fairly new and peculiar form of the art of painting on nails. Location: Location: The aquarium design fully lives up to its beautiful name. With its help, a volume effect is created on the inside of the nail, after which a special transparent gel is applied to the nail plate. Therefore, the pattern remains inside the plate, as if under glass.

The aquarium design looks more impressive on extended nails, since it is easier to apply any image on them. The longer the nails, the more room for imagination. In addition, the volumetric pattern on short plates looks very simple, and visually makes them shorter.

A prerequisite for a high-quality manicure is a thorough preparation of nails for the procedure for applying an aquarium design. So, for example, it is very important to create the shape of the nail plate suitable for the future image.

One of the advantages of this nail design is that under the gel you can not only apply any pattern, but also paste rhinestones, sparkles, and beads. The gel coating is then necessarily processed with a special file, which makes the nails smooth and shiny.

Thanks to the aquarium design, you can create not only a simple two-dimensional drawing, but also create a holographic effect. Today, photo nail design is very popular and in demand.

In addition, after a certain period of time, there is no need to file the nail with the applied pattern. As the nail plate grows, it can be supplemented with various elements. If the applied design gets bored, it can be painted over with regular nail polish, and then simply washed off with a special liquid, while the aquarium design will not suffer from this at all.

Before applying a manicure, it is advisable to think over the drawing in advance. Then the aquarium design is suitable for both special occasions and everyday life.

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