How Do I Pick A Good Powder?

How Do I Pick A Good Powder?
How Do I Pick A Good Powder?

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How Do I Pick a Good Powder?
How Do I Pick a Good Powder?

Powder is one of the types of decorative cosmetics designed to hide imperfections in the skin of the face, remove excess fat, even out the tone, and mask irregularities. Almost every woman has this cosmetic product in a cosmetic bag, and is sold in any specialty store. Location: Location:

You need to select powder based on the type of skin, its shade and the woman's preferences. The most common type of cosmetic product is compact powder, which is convenient to carry with you, the case is equipped with a sponge, a mirror. It should be remembered here that the compact powder is applied with a sponge, not with a brush, and therefore the tone obtained in the end may be uneven. You need to choose a product whose tone is lighter than your own skin tone.

Choose a loose powder very carefully. It is advisable to immediately purchase a brush to apply it. If you apply the product to the skin, barely dusting the brush, you get a natural effect. A large amount of powder can give the skin a matte finish. Loose powder lays down on the face evenly, does not crumble and does not create a "plaster" effect. However, this powder is difficult to use outside the home, it is sold in large jars, requires application with a brush and can crumble.

Recently, bronze powder has appeared on the cosmetic industry market. This product is designed to enhance or bring your natural skin tone closer to your tan. You need to use this powder very carefully, when applying it is important not to overdo it. You should not replace ordinary powder with this tool. It should be applied only with a brush, carefully powdering the face so as not to overdo it with the amount.

Recently, you can often find powder mosaic on the shelves. This product is applied with a brush and is sold either in the form of balls or compact powder in various shades, made in the form of a mosaic. This type of powder should be used selectively. As a rule, its action is calculated on problem skin. Green shades are applied to irritated skin areas, they mask the places of rashes, yellow shades visually neutralize dark circles under the eyes. With the help of blue color you can mask freckles, age spots, and pink color will give a blooming look to tired skin of a gray tint.

When purchasing powder in balls, pay attention to their appearance. The balls should be the same size, no chips, not crumble.

An ideal product for dry and normal skin is a liquid cream powder. It is easy to use and is sold in tubes or small dispenser jars. Place a small amount on the back of your hand and watch. A quality powder should be free of bubbles, its color and consistency are uniform.

Shimmering powder has gained popularity among those who often have to visit various events, parties, in rooms with artificial colors. This product gives the skin a beautiful shimmery silver or golden hue. It is not recommended to use it in daylight conditions. This powder should be applied to the cheekbones, forehead, chin, arms, décolleté, avoid getting the product in the middle of the face.

Antiseptic powder should not be used with dry and normal skin. It is required to apply it with sterile cotton wool; it soothes irritated skin well thanks to its antibacterial components.

Colorless powder makes the skin matte, it is convenient to use, but it is not recommended for people with tanned or dark skin. In this case, you can get the effect of "gray skin".

The color of the powder should be either a tone lighter than the natural skin tone or match it and the color of the foundation. You can apply the test product to either the chin or the inner wrist, ideally the shade should blend in with the natural skin tone.

The shelf life of any powder is 3 years, carefully study the composition and date of manufacture of the product upon purchase. Ask the sellers where it was brought from and how long it has been on sale. Do not let anyone else use the powder, this product is intended for individual use. Pay attention to the powder case, it should be chip-free, easy and quick to open, equipped with a mirror and a protective film.

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