❶ Eye And Lip Pencils

❶ Eye And Lip Pencils
❶ Eye And Lip Pencils

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Eye & Lip Pencils
Eye & Lip Pencils

To highlight the wasp waist, we buy a fashionable belt. To highlight the beauty and slenderness of the legs, we wear high heels. Eyeliners and lip pencils will help us to emphasize the beauty of the eyes and lips. Location: Location:

Eye pencils are used to emphasize the shape, cut, color of the eyes. Unlike eyeliner, they allow us to correct the eyelash growth line as accurately as possible, getting exactly the effect we needed. The composition of eyeliner, as well as for lips, contains natural waxes, pigments, preservatives for an antibacterial effect.

There are several types of eyeliner. First, kol or kayal. This is the softest eyeliner. It can be either wooden or plastic. The lead of such a pencil draws a very bright, clear line. It is the stake that is used for eyeliner along the inner eyelid. Therefore, such a pencil should always have an inscription that it is hypoallergenic and has passed ophthalmological control. However, these pencils are not always durable when used for eyeliner on the outer eyelid - due to their softness, they create a thick line effect and can be imprinted above the crease of the eyelid when blinking.

The second type is eyeliner pencils, or liners. These pencils are used only for eyeliner on the outer eyelid. Their lead is harder, so such a pencil can be sharpened very sharply and get a thinner and sharper line. Ideal for creating arrows.

Also, there are special shading pencils. On one side they have an applicator with a beveled edge or a brush. The lead of such a pencil is quite soft so that it can be shaded like shadows, but at the same time it is durable, so you need to shade the line immediately after application.

Eyeliners come in a very wide range of colors, so you can always choose the option you want. Glitter pencils are also available, but if you have sensitive eyes it is best not to choose this option.

Lip liners are often used to define lip liner. But they also prolong the durability of the lipstick, protecting it from spreading, and thanks to the pencil, lip makeup looks more accurate. Also, with the help of such a pencil, you can easily correct the shape of the lips, either by adding volume to them, or vice versa, by making them narrower.

Lip pencils come in both colorless and colored. Colorless pencils are often referred to as invisible outline. They can be either transparent - with a high content of waxes and silicones for use under lip gloss, or with a delicate beige-pink tint to match the lip color, which allows them to be used with lipstick.

When choosing a lip liner, opt for soft yet long-lasting looks. Too thin a lead will clearly define the shape of the lips, which will allow you to visually reduce their volume, or do business makeup. A thick pencil, on the other hand, will plump your lips, but can create the effect of smudged makeup. Also, when choosing a shade, be guided by the lipstick or gloss with which you will wear it. If the shade of the pencil is darker than the lipstick, the outline will be clear, but to achieve a natural effect, the line will need to be slightly shaded. The light pencil will not be visible under the bright lipstick, so it will work like an invisible outline.

Also recently, pencils have appeared that are suitable for both eye makeup and lipstick. As a rule, these are delicate shades of pink, beige or brown.

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