❶ Practical Advice: How To Deal With Dry Skin?

❶ Practical Advice: How To Deal With Dry Skin?
❶ Practical Advice: How To Deal With Dry Skin?

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Practical advice: how to deal with dry skin?
Practical advice: how to deal with dry skin?

Normal skin is elastic, firm and well hydrated. She looks healthy and radiant from the inside. Unfortunately, dry skin types have to work hard to achieve the same effect. Dealing with dry skin problems is not always possible in a day or two. Much has been written about how to care for dry skin. Let's put together some practical tips and take note of them. Location: Location:

It is probably not worth explaining what dry skin is. Many are familiar with peeling, feeling of tightness, quick and far from positive reaction to cold and wind. Dry skin is often very thin and delicate at the same time. She is capricious and quickly reacts not only to the lack of moisturizing compositions, but also to their excess. Dry skin requires special care and special cosmetics.

Skin cleansing. To remove makeup in the cold season, it is best to choose soft milk or cosmetic cream. In summer, you can use a lighter product, but in no case should it dry the skin. It is difficult to recommend anything specific here. For example, the same micellar water from different manufacturers gives completely different results. You can only find "your means" by trial and error.

Exfoliants for dry skin should be creamy. It is better to abandon natural abrasive particles in the composition of the scrub and give preference to artificial (polyethylene) granules. They more gently remove dead particles and do not injure the skin so much.

Almost all types of soaps and soap-containing products for washing are contraindicated for dry skin. Moisturizers for cleansing her face and cleansing milk are suitable for her. Such compositions do not foam at all, in consistency they are more like a liquid cream. They gently cleanse the skin while moisturizing it. Ideally, it would be nice to exclude hard water, but the water supply networks are beyond our control, so you can alternatively wash yourself with milk.

Complete the cleansing procedure with a tonic or lotion. Under no circumstances should the product contain alcohol or other drying components. It must certainly moisturize the skin. Even if you suddenly develop pimples, it is better to refrain from antibacterial compounds and sign up for procedures with liquid nitrogen with a beautician.

Moisturizing the skin. It is quite logical that any cream should be marked "for dry skin". Such a cream will not necessarily be thick and greasy. There are many creams that contain lactic acids, urea and other ingredients that are quickly absorbed and deeply moisturize the skin.

Serums with vitamins and hyaluronic acid will be good helpers in the care of dry skin. They help to tone the skin, make it denser, and improve the complexion. It is better not to resort to mesotherapy until the age of 35, otherwise the skin will stop working on its own too early, but a massage with nourishing oil will not hurt at all. During the day, thermal water can be used to replenish moisture.

Skin nutrition. Masks on a cream or gel base must be on the shelf of any owner of dry skin. Apply nourishing and moisturizing masks twice a week or as needed. Creamy masks can not be washed off, but simply blotted with a napkin to remove excess funds. Homemade masks based on honey, dairy products, vegetable oils can replace ready-made masks in tubes.

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