❶ American Beauty: Plastic Surgery In The USA

❶ American Beauty: Plastic Surgery In The USA
❶ American Beauty: Plastic Surgery In The USA

Video: ❶ American Beauty: Plastic Surgery In The USA

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American Beauty: Plastic Surgery in the USA
American Beauty: Plastic Surgery in the USA

When it comes to slowing the aging process, nature needs our help. Unfortunately, this process is irreversible, but it is in our power to stop it. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, over 12 million procedures were performed in the United States in the past year. Over the past six years, the number of plastic surgeries has grown by 50%. American statisticians estimate that over the past year people have spent nearly $ 10 billion on such surgery. Location: Location:

The beauty industry in the USA does not stand still, it is constantly striving forward, surprising us with various new products. One of the latest developments is the new breast implant. Unlike the salt and silicone-filled, Gummy bear, as scientists called it, in case of damage, will not spread or move, it is a solid material. It got its name from its texture. You can wear it for 10-20 years. The warranty is given for 10 years.

When it comes to liposuction, the laser technologies known as Smart Lipo are ahead. A laser is used to melt the fat. Thanks to Smart Lipo, blood loss is reduced and recovery is faster.

Recently, American plastic surgeons have used a new technological achievement for facelifts, this procedure is based on SMAS plication, which completely eliminates the risk of stratification of the facial muscles. The area of ​​the tightening increases, the traumatic risk after surgery decreases, and accordingly, the healing process proceeds quickly.

Today, intimate plastic has become popular among American women. The most common surgeries are labia correction, vaginal and clitoral plastic surgery. Patients themselves choose the desired form from the appropriate catalogs.

All new trends are aimed at non-invasiveness and the use of materials made from patients' personal stem cells.

Artificial beauty is a luxury item, it requires a lot of material investment. The services of a surgeon who performs an operation to correct the shape of the nose costs almost $ 4,000, breasts - $ 5,000, a facelift - more than $ 5,000.

American psychologists argue that the hobby for plastic surgery is a serious psychological addiction. Its name is "dysmorphic syndrome". The golden mean is good in everything, you should not go to extremes. If you nevertheless decide to fix something in yourself, consult with at least three specialists. This is your health, take care of it.

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