❶ How To Style Your Nails

❶ How To Style Your Nails
❶ How To Style Your Nails

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How to style your nails
How to style your nails

Nail art is the transformation of your nails into a real work of art. This includes art painting, nail decoration, various types of varnishes. But first, they need to be formalized. Location: Location: The nail plate itself can be different. For example, differ in shape - trapezoidal, square, rectangular, round. The most ideal one is rectangular, it is easier to file such nails. For all other cases, the choice will have to be limited.

Nail plate in the form of a trapezoid - give the nails an oval shape, square - the shape of the nails should remain square, round only slightly. You should not grow long nails, if the plate is round, give an oval shape to a short length.

Consider the length of your fingers. A round shape is suitable for thin and long ones. If your hand is wide and your fingers are short, don't square your nails.

The surface of the nail plate is not even and smooth for everyone, the existing imperfections must be hidden. Apply the base first, and only then the varnish. Use bright shades, if it is bumpy, try to keep the varnish without mother-of-pearl. A dark color is good if the nail plate is wide. For short nails, use light varnishes.

Well-groomed healthy nails of the correct shape can be decorated. A design using sequins, multi-colored varnishes, various stickers is called nail art. These two English words translate as the art of decorating nails. Few possess this art, and you can see it mainly on long nails. Owners of short ones have to be content with only a few jewelry options.

Decorate your nails with a pattern of beads, rhinestones, and it is not at all necessary to go to the salon. There are many home use kits on the market. Only if you've never tried to style your nails yourself, practice before the special occasion.

It is better to find a good specialist who knows how to paint intricate patterns on nails, whole mini-pictures, emphasize your peculiarity.

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