❶ Fashion Classic: French Manicure For Short Nails

❶ Fashion Classic: French Manicure For Short Nails
❶ Fashion Classic: French Manicure For Short Nails

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Fashion classics: French manicure for short nails
Fashion classics: French manicure for short nails

French manicure is a real classic. He is able to give his hands well-groomed and nobility, but only on condition of impeccable execution. Choose the right shades of varnishes and the method of applying them, because even the classics have many nuances, especially on short nails. Location: Location: There are several options for French manicure. Applying a pastel shade of varnish over the highlighted "smile", you get a discreet, discreet manicure. And if, on the contrary, paint a white outline over the base varnish, the effect will be more noticeable and catchy. Finally, a creative manicure is possible using glitter varnishes, metallics and dark enamels. However, such an avant-garde option is worth trying only after mastering the basic techniques well.

Start with a humble pastel French manicure. Even if your hand trembles a little, small flaws can be camouflaged. File your nails into a square or slightly rounded shape. For a better manicure, leave a free edge of about 1mm. Treat the cuticle with an emollient cream or gel. Pastel colors draw a lot of attention to the quality of the manicure, so do not skip the stage of careful nail polishing.

Cover nails with a layer of leveling protective base and dry. Find the right varnishes. For the free edge, a dense white varnish is needed, preferably specially designed for this purpose. These products have an opaque texture and are equipped with a thin brush for precise contouring. A cream, light beige, pale pink shade is suitable as a base color.

Look for a non-pearl product that gives a moderately dense one coat. For beginners for short nails, you can use a ready-made set for French manicure - it usually includes two shades of varnishes and a glossy top.

Use adhesive-backed paper stencils to neatly draw a smile line. If you don't have one, cut out semicircles from paper tape or medical tape. Glue the stencil to the nail below the free edge. If you want to enlarge the white crescent, slide the stencil down a bit. Paint over the tip of the nail with white varnish, being careful not to drip under the paper. If there are bald spots on the surface, apply another coat of varnish. Dry it and remove the stencil. Repeat the technique on all fingers.

Dip the brush in base shade varnish and apply a coat of enamel all over the nail, including the painted white tips. It is important to accurately calculate the required amount of varnish. A dry brush will leave ugly grooves, and excess product will flow into the cuticle, staining your fingers. When finished, dry the varnish.

The final gesture is the application of the top with a mirror shine effect. It will protect the coating from scratches and give short nails a beautiful gloss. After a day, the top coat can be refreshed by freshening the shine of the manicure.

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