❶ How To Remove A Double Chin

❶ How To Remove A Double Chin
❶ How To Remove A Double Chin

Video: ❶ How To Remove A Double Chin

Video: ❶ How To Remove A Double Chin
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How to remove a double chin
How to remove a double chin

Having a double chin isn't necessarily related to age or being overweight. Weakened connective tissue and flabby muscles are the main reason for this cosmetic defect. Is it realistic to get rid of a double chin, what measures should be taken? Location: Location:

Do specific exercises for the chin area. It doesn't take a lot of time, you can do it in between. If you are not lazy and do it regularly, you will not have to wait long for the effect.

Sitting at the table, place your elbows on the table and connect your fingers, your chin should touch them slightly. Close your teeth, lift your chin, straining your muscles. Pat your chin 40 times with light finger movements. Repeat this exercise several times throughout the day. The lighter option is to pat your chin with the back of your hands, using any free minute.

Lift your chin up and turn to the left, strongly tensing the muscles. Slowly turn it to the right, as if describing an arc, go back. Repeat the exercise ten times in each direction.

Walk around the room with a heavy book on your head. This exercise solves several problems at once - it removes the double chin, develops good posture and a feminine gait.

Hold a pencil in your teeth, write letters of the alphabet in the air, straining the muscles of your chin and neck.

Tilt your head back, lower your shoulders. Chew your jaw for a few minutes.

Sit up straight with your back straight. Place your clenched fists under your chin and try to lower it, while countering it with your fists. Count to ten in your mind, relax. Repeat the exercise at least five times.

Lower your shoulders, stretch your neck as far as possible, tilt your head to the right and left, ten times in each direction. Exercise relieves double chin, trains neck muscles.

Pronounce the sounds "and", "s", "o", "y", straining the chin area. Despite its simplicity, this exercise very effectively removes this problem, devote at least three minutes a day to doing it.

Take care of the skin in this area. Simple procedures will be a wonderful addition to gymnastics, will have a tightening effect on the skin.

Salt compress is very effective, which tones the skin. Dissolve a tablespoon of sea salt or ordinary table salt in a glass of water (you can use mineral water without gas). Soak a small terry towel in this solution, twist it with a tourniquet. Pat it on the chin in brisk strokes for at least three minutes. While relaxing at sea, do this procedure using sea water.

When applying the cream to your face, do not forget about the chin. In addition to nourishing and moisturizing creams, lifting creams and firming body lotions are great for this area.

Professional procedures will also help you to remove the double chin: massage, mesotherapy, in extreme cases, you can turn to the help of plastic surgeons. But with regular grooming and regular exercise, you won't need these steps. Beauty is in your hands, don't forget about it.