❶ How To Make A Square

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❶ How To Make A Square
❶ How To Make A Square

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How to make a square
How to make a square

Some haircut styles will never go out of style, among them the bob hairstyle popular since ancient times, characterized by shoulder-length hair and curled ends. She is still popular with women, and you will probably be interested to know how to create such a basic haircut according to all the rules. Location: Location:

You will need

comb, scissors

Comb the hair of the woman you are cutting in the direction of growth. Then part them in half and secure the strands.

Start cutting from the back of the head, from the outermost strands, starting with a curl of small thickness (up to 1 cm). Straighten the selected section with a comb, mark how long the finished hair will be, and then cut the back of the head so that its length is 20 cm shorter than the final length of the haircut.

Focusing on the cut strand, separate the remaining upper and lower occipital strands and comb them out, and then trim as well. Repeat this procedure with the strands until you reach the parietal part. Now take care of the parietal areas of the hair and temples.

Comb and select one half of the parietal hair on one side of the parting and, corresponding to the length of the haircut on the back of the head, cut it straight. Do the same with the rest of the parietal zone. Check periodically whether the resulting haircut is symmetrical. Comb all the hair on the sides of the parietal part forward and look at the client from the front, then make sure the hair is the same length. If you see uneven haircut length in different places, correct it.


Apply an internal graduation to the strands of hair so that the strands curl inward.

If necessary, bang the client in addition to the main haircut. Choose a section of hair that is wide enough to match the width of your forehead, and then comb it over your face. Mark the future length of the bangs and carefully cut from the center to the edges with thinning scissors. Leave the edges of the bangs straight or arrange in the form of a ladder, vertically cutting off the side strand with scissors.

To make the haircut look better and more voluminous, carry out additional styling with a hairdryer and a round brush, twisting the ends of the hair inward even more.

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