❶ Six Tips For Correcting Eyebrow Lines

❶ Six Tips For Correcting Eyebrow Lines
❶ Six Tips For Correcting Eyebrow Lines

Video: ❶ Six Tips For Correcting Eyebrow Lines

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6 tips for correcting your eyebrow line
6 tips for correcting your eyebrow line

By slightly changing the shape of the eyebrows, you can add a new one to your image. The shape and color of the eyebrows affects the attractiveness of a woman's face. Successful correction can hide traces of fatigue and bring the facial lines closer to ideal parameters. That is why it is necessary to know the rules for correcting the eyebrow line. Location: Location:

1. Plucking eyebrows, use a special gel. It will smoothen unruly hairs and create a shape that will greatly facilitate the process of removing excess hairs. If there is no gel, you can wet your eyebrows with water. The disadvantage of this method is that under the influence of water, the hairs stick together. This is the risk of accidentally removing excess hairs.

2. Since the shape of the eyebrows is strictly individual and cannot differ greatly from person to person, it does not depend on fashion. And if it does, then to a minimum. Therefore, there is no need to chase fashion. It is necessary to choose a shape that will make the face expressive.

3. When plucking eyebrows, do not overdo it. Better not to pinch than pinch, because the look of under-plucked eyebrows is more natural. Therefore, if in doubt about the appropriateness of this or that hair, it is better to leave it. After all, it will take a long time before new ones grow in their place.

4. Plucking eyebrows is necessary from below. The upper eyebrow line does not require correction, as it is natural for the face and it is difficult to find a more suitable line. An exception to the rule can be made only if the hairs from above stick out noticeably or grow far from the eyebrow.

5. To pluck the eyebrows correctly, it is necessary to define the boundaries. To do this, place the pencil so that it goes over the edge of the nostrils and the inner corner of the eye. Where the pencil meets the eyebrow, you should start.

6. To find out where the eyebrow will end, you need to attach a pencil to the edge of the nostril and the outer corner of the eye. Where the pencil meets the eyebrow, there will be an end. This is the optimal brow length and should not be shorter.

7. Eyebrow color should be one tone darker than hair color. So choose the right pencil. Too light eyebrow color will deprive your face of expression. Eyebrows that are too dark do not look natural.

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