❶ Snake Massage

❶ Snake Massage
❶ Snake Massage

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Snake massage
Snake massage

Massage lovers can discover a whole new type of spa services for themselves. On the shores of Israel, massage using live snakes is gradually gaining popularity. Slow, cool snakes wriggle and slide along the back like the hands of an experienced masseuse, and the resulting sensations cannot be compared with any other. Location: Location:

Massage with snakes is an exquisite and extreme pleasure at the same time. Most people are afraid of snakes or find them unpleasant, so without psychological training, few will be able to withstand this "torture".

For someone who has never handled a snake, it's hard to imagine how her scaly, rough skin can help him relax. But once the initial fears are overcome, physical contact with snakes becomes pleasant. Every day snake massage increases the number of its fans.

For this procedure, about six species of snakes are used, among which there is a python, a spotted snake, and a copperhead. The intertwined snakes will sit on your belly, back, or face. It is worth noting that none of these species are poisonous.

A special worker who is present at the procedure watches over the snakes, preventing them from spreading outside the body. Reptiles are massaged according to a unique technique: crawling along the body, they evenly and selectively press on different areas of the skin, intertwine with hair, pinch the eyelashes and slip through the fingers. To some, the procedure may seem like applying a cool compress.

The size of the snakes depends on the type of massage. Large snakes massage deeply located muscles. Small snakes perform a light, "fluttering" massage. During the facial procedure, the snake slowly and consistently passes through different parts of the face, thereby stimulating its blood circulation. After such a massage, relief of migraine symptoms is observed.

Since the biblical times of Adam and Eve, snakes have gained a dubious reputation. Now they have a chance to rehabilitate themselves before humanity. As incredible as this type of massage may seem, people who have tried it acknowledge that it has excellent therapeutic effects.

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