How To Make Brown Eyes

How To Make Brown Eyes
How To Make Brown Eyes

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How to make brown eyes
How to make brown eyes

Women with bright brown eyes look attractive and interesting. If you like brown, but nature has not endowed you with it, you can get it with the help of modern means of the medical industry. Location: Location: It's impossible to permanently change your native eye color, but for a while - it's quite possible. Colored contact lenses can help you with this. Today, this method of contact vision correction has become so popular that in almost every city there is an ophthalmological office or other medical institution offering services for the selection and care of lenses.

First, decide what shade of brown eyes you want to get, because there are a lot of color gradations. In deciding this issue, you need to rely on two main components: native eye color and lens type.

There are two types of colored contact lenses: translucent (tinted) and opaque.

Translucent lenses can only give a brighter shade to the eyes, add sparkle and expressiveness. Such lenses are not completely painted over, and when worn, the natural color of the pupil will be visible through the lens. So if you have blue, green, or gray eyes, tinted lenses may not work for you. But if you only want to enhance the native brown color, then you can choose translucent lenses.

Another inconvenience of this type of lens is associated with the fact that when wearing them, the transition from light to shade, and vice versa, is uncomfortable. Therefore, if you drive a car or work in a production related to precise or traumatic operations, it is better for you to refrain from wearing translucent lenses.

The second type of colored lenses is opaque. In this case, the lens is completely painted over and is suitable for a complete change of any eye color. You can choose this particular look if you want to radically change your native color, there are no restrictions.

During your visit to the ophthalmology office or clinic, the doctor will check the health of your eyes, advise the type of lenses and their care products. Don't be lazy to look after your eyes and lenses. Wearing and grooming regularly will help you keep your eyes healthy, as lenses, no matter how modern they are, block oxygen access to the pupil. Wearing it too often or for too long can damage the eye, so be sure to use vitamins, drops and gels to keep your eyes healthy and beautiful.

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