❶ No Orange Peel: Hardware Cosmetology Against Cellulite

❶ No Orange Peel: Hardware Cosmetology Against Cellulite
❶ No Orange Peel: Hardware Cosmetology Against Cellulite

Video: ❶ No Orange Peel: Hardware Cosmetology Against Cellulite

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No orange peel: hardware cosmetology against cellulite
No orange peel: hardware cosmetology against cellulite

Enemy number one for most women is cellulite. This name has already become the talk of the town. By whatever methods the beautiful half of humanity struggles with this phenomenon. The most effective methods are still hardware cosmetology. Location: Location: Insidious bumps of cellulite can appear in every woman over the age of 18. If you do not fight them, then after a few years folds and deep wrinkles will form in their place.

This problem can and should be fought. Hardware cosmetology is ready to offer several effective methods for such a fight. Unfortunately, simple use of creams at home will not give the same result as treatment with devices.

One of the methods of hardware cosmetology aimed at eliminating cellulite is lymphatic drainage. It is a sequential rhythmic muscle stimulation. This ensures the movement of lymph through the vessels and the elimination of congestion. The device emits pulsating waves with a certain frequency and stimulates the lymphatic system. This procedure can be carried out every six months for a course of 5-7 days.

The only method that directly acts on fat cells is electrolipolysis. The Lipotonic apparatus acts on dense fatty deposits, promoting rapid cell breakdown. This method speeds up the metabolic processes in lipocytes (fat cells) and leads to their gradual emptying. It copes well even with neglected cellulite.

The use of ultrasound therapy for cellulite phenomena also yields remarkable results. During the session, hypervibrations propagate throughout the body using an ultrasonic emitter. As a result of this effect, the tone of the skin increases and the permeability of cell membranes improves. By the way, given the increased permeability, you can carry out a parallel phonophoresis and saturate the skin with collagen to increase turgor.

But the Cellu M6 LPG Keymodule has the most unique properties. With its help, a vacuum apparatus-roller massage is performed. This device improves tissue drainage and stimulates blood circulation. Sessions on LPG lead to the fact that the phenomena of cellulite are eliminated naturally. This massage stimulates the activity of the connective tissue with fat deposits, it brings it into a state of activity and accelerates the release of toxins.

Whatever way a woman chooses to eliminate cellulite, a detailed consultation of a qualified specialist is first of all necessary. You should find out if there are any contraindications for the chosen method, and then develop an individual course. Only in this case you can get the expected effect of the measures taken.

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