❶ How To Do A Manicure With The Apparatus

❶ How To Do A Manicure With The Apparatus
❶ How To Do A Manicure With The Apparatus

Video: ❶ How To Do A Manicure With The Apparatus

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How to do a manicure with the apparatus
How to do a manicure with the apparatus

Perfectly beautiful and well-groomed hands are, of course, those with the right manicure. One of the varieties of manicure has become especially popular lately. We are talking about hardware nail care (European unedged manicure). Location: Location: The device does not cut or damage the cuticle, but only frees it from dead cells. This type of manicure refers to one of the gentle types of processing the skin of the fingers, as well as gentle nail care

Mastering hardware manicure is a good investment of time and your efforts, then they will definitely work themselves out. Every girl needs to learn how to do such a procedure at home.

Buy a dedicated manicure machine suitable for home use.

Read the instructions for it carefully. Pay attention to the description of the attachments, their properties and functions. Realistically and impartially assess the condition of your nails, the skin of your hands and feet, determine what you will be working with. Choose the right tip for each specific operation. Harder for nail polishing, medium for nail rolls, even softer for cuticles, felt for nail polishing.

Only work on dry nails and skin, as moisture will prevent the attachments from painlessly removing excess growths or giving the nail the correct shape. Twenty minutes before the start of the manicure, wash and dry your hands well, remove the varnish from the nails with a special liquid that does not contain acetone. Move the cuticle with a wooden stick towards the side ridges around the nail. Remove dry cuticle areas and treat the side rolls with medium abrasive nozzles.

Shape the free edge of your nails without touching your fingers. Buff and sand the surface of your nails, touching them only with the edge of the nozzle. Scrub the area around the treated nails with a manicure brush, apply cream to your fingers and give a gentle massage.

Follow these simple tips for a hardware manicure and you will always have beautiful, perfectly manicured nails.

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