❶ How To Be Beautiful In The Morning

❶ How To Be Beautiful In The Morning
❶ How To Be Beautiful In The Morning

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How to be beautiful in the morning
How to be beautiful in the morning

So that in the morning your mirror does not close its eyes with horror, and your loved one does not urgently leave on an expedition to the South Pole, follow a few simple rules. And then even at the earliest hour you will look fresh and attractive. Location: Location: Go to bed as early as possible. Remember, Sophia Loren said that she owes her beauty to heredity and healthy sleep. You can go to bed later than the movie star usually does (at 21.00), but no more than 1-2 hours. Do not lie in bed until late in the morning: 7-9 hours of sleep is the maximum you can afford so that your face does not look wrinkled and sleepy.

Do not drink too much water either during the day, much less before bed, to avoid swelling. Going to bed on a full stomach is also not the best option. Firstly, you will not be able to fall asleep right away, and secondly, in the morning you will be nauseated. Dinner should be light (dairy products, savory cereals, fruits). Refuse alcoholic beverages, even if the holiday is still in full swing, but the clock already shows 20.00.

Take a warm bath with aromatic oils, sea salt or algae extracts before bed. This procedure activates metabolic processes and helps to remove toxins from the body. Plus, you can relax after a busy day and fall asleep faster.

After the bath, apply anti-cellulite cream or body shaping products to the problem areas. Give your feet a massage (or ask your loved one, which is doubly enjoyable). This procedure will also promote the removal of toxins accumulated during the day and leave the skin clean and smooth.

Do not epilate at night: redness, irritation and itching will only increase in the morning. Better to postpone it until morning or go to a beautician the next day.

Do not use too greasy creams. The skin needs to breathe. The best option is to apply a light night cream on your face, or simply wash your face with tonic or lotion.

And most importantly, never go to bed without completely removing your makeup with a cream. Take it off slowly. Otherwise, the next morning the eyes will be red, and irritation may appear on the cheeks.

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