❶ How To Reduce Lips

❶ How To Reduce Lips
❶ How To Reduce Lips

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How to reduce lips
How to reduce lips

Girls are rarely satisfied with their appearance. Some women would like to slightly tweak the shape of their face, hide a too large nose or make their eyes more expressive. Sometimes it is necessary to slightly reduce the size of the lips. Fortunately, for this purpose, you should not go to the surgeon - high-quality makeup will be enough. Location: Location: For makeup that shrinks lips, you will need a lip liner and lipstick, as well as a moisturizer, foundation, lipstick brush, and paper towels.

First, apply a nourishing balm to your lips. The fact is that even the most expensive and high-quality lipstick on dry or chapped lips will look ugly. By the way, regular use of this balm will eliminate dry lip skin problems forever.

Now apply a matching tint to your lips and blend it thoroughly. Draw a new border for your lips with a pencil. But keep in mind that the contour should be applied no lower than 1–1.5 mm from their natural borders, as if you make the line lower, then the makeup will look unnatural. It is advisable to choose a pencil with a sufficiently soft and not very greasy lead. Start outlining the contour from the corners of the lips. Gradually moving towards the middle in small strokes, trying not to leave gaps. Take a cotton swab and use it to blend the pencil into the inside of your lips.

Apply lipstick without going beyond the pencil lines. Use a thin brush for convenience. Remember to clean it thoroughly after each use.

Then take a clean paper towel and blot your lips with it - this will remove excess makeup and the lipstick will last much longer. After that, you can apply another layer of lipstick to add expression and brightness to your lips.

Remember that the color of the pencil must match the color of the lipstick, as otherwise you risk making your makeup look unnatural.

In order to visually reduce the lips, you also need to carefully consider the choice of lipstick shade. Light tones and shades, as well as various glosses, will only increase the size of the lips even more. Therefore, try to use bright saturated colors, which, however, will be in harmony with your appearance and the rest of your makeup.

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